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If you are interested in learning more about investment opportunities with Leafly, please contact us through our parent company, Privateer Holdings, and select the subject "Learn about Investing".

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26 Mar 2014

Locating these retailers, however, is easier said than done. There is no mention of them on the official websites of the Colorado Tourism Office and Denver Visitor Bureau in their lists of attractions. Instead, visitors should to find the nearest location...

Main Street
13 Mar 2014

Similar to, is an online portal providing information for about 750 cannabis strains and where to find the nearby medical dispensaries that sell them. With filters, the website narrows down the effects a particular strain has on [a] patient's symptoms and ailments.

King 5 News
12 Mar 2014

The app quickly moved to the top of Apple's free medical app category, and Leafly is closing in on 750,000 downloads. Now the company averages more than a million unique visitors a month to both its website and mobile app.

The New York Times
10 Mar 2014

A sort of Yelp for dispensaries, Leafly offers an overview of marijuana strains with notes on their taste, smell, medical benefits and side effects.

Sativa Magazine
1 Mar 2014

"With a site like Leafly, we're mostly user-generated content for information like our strain reviews. We look to our visitors and view them as teh experts. As we've been growing, the quality of data keeps getting better and better."

26 Feb 2014

According to Cy Scott, cofounder of Leafly, the Yelp of the cannabis industry, 33% of Leafly's reviewers now vaporize their cannabis rather than smoke it.

The Washington Post
22 Feb 2014

“Generations coming up now don’t see what the big deal is,” says Brian Wansolich, 39, wearing a white coat emblazoned with the logo of his online cannabis ratings service, Leafly. “My parents still have moral problems with it, but now they see we can tax this and get states out of trouble. It’s the American way.”

16 Feb 2014

One of the more established digital enterprises in the space is Leafly, a sort of Yelp for the cannabis industry, which locates marijuana dispensaries and provides news and reviews on popular marijuana strains.

13 Feb 2014

Today we're looking at Leafly, an app that aims to be the Yelp for Cannabis.

The Huffington Post
10 Feb 2014

“We wanted to be the first global mainstream brand that legitimizes cannabis more, treats it more like an adult conversation, not just something that serves a sub-culture or a stereotype," Leafly founder Cy Scott told The Huffington Post.

Leaf Science
6 Feb 2014

“Something that we did was really focus on the user experience and trying to keep that same Leafly user experience that people are used to with the website,” says Cy Scott, one of the three co-founders.

4 Feb 2014

Leafly just revamped its mobile app, one that is essentially a Yelp for marijuana strains. It offers reviews for 650 different types of cannabis and thousands of dispensaries.

Elite Daily
1 Feb 2014

As time passes, marijuana prohibition comes closer and closer to an end. In the meantime, Leafly is poised to help future clients gain access to the information needed to be intelligent consumers.

The Daily Dot
1 Feb 2014

“Marijuana is not counterculture when 58% of Americans think it should be legal,” Kennedy insisted. ‟It’s not counterculture when millions of people smoke it every year. It’s not counterculture when the last three presidents have admitted to smoking it. So why is it marketed like it isn’t mainstream?”

1 Feb 2014

Actually, the future is now, if you live in one of the US states that's legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana and download the new Leafly app, which aggregates info and crowdsourced reviews of some 650 strains of cannabis.

Media Post
30 Jan 2014

In fact, the Leafly guide to all things cannabis is among the most adept mobile translations of a deep Web site I have seen lately.

The Street
30 Jan 2014

Leafly's website and mobile app have been described as the "Yelp of cannabis." Through Leafly, users have access to more than 57,000 reviews of over 650 strains of cannabis, as well as 36,000 reviews of cannabis dispensaries in the U.S., Canada, Israel, The Netherlands, Spain and Belgium. Leafly's website and app generate more than 2.3 million visits every month.

The Street
27 Jan 2014

Gone are the days of buying pot from the busboy at the restaurant you worked at and just taking what you could get. There are now choices. Many choices. So many its [sic] a bit overwhelming. Leafly is here to solve that.

Business Insider
14 Jan 2014

Auxiliary businesses, like WeedMaps (Yelp for dispensaries) and Leafly (WebMD + Yelp for marijuana) will do really well also. They are taking over that grey area gap, where they are facilitating marijuana exploration but not committing a federal crime.

1 Jan 2014

"It will help tourists in new locations find the right strain for the experience they're looking for. And once people find the right strains, we can tell them which retail stores have it and which retail stores are top-rated," said Leafly CEO Brendan Kennedy.

The Oregonian
20 Dec 2013

Instead of listening to wiretaps and tracking illegal drug money, [Patrick] Moen now vets potential marijuana-related ventures as investment opportunities for the Yale-educated backers of enterprises like, a website offering reviews of marijuana strains.

19 Dec 2013

Leafly, a Yelp for cannabis connoisseurs and the darling of the space, was founded by three former Kelley Blue Book staffers.

Huffington Post Live
16 Dec 2013

Alyona takes a look at Privateer Holdings' and Leafly's newest edition, Patrick Moen, and discusses why he transitioned from a career in law enforcement to the legal cannabis industry.

Huffington Post
13 Dec 2013

"He's been a cop, a sheriff's deputy and a DEA agent. And now Patrick Moen is taking on his latest assignment: helping sell marijuana. But he isn't going undercover -- he's going to work for a legal business that supports the marijuana industry."

Willamette Week
11 Dec 2013

"A Portland-based agent for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has gone to work for a private equity firm that exclusively backs businesses involved in legal marijuana sales."

11 Dec 2013

"Pursuing a budding career, former DEA agent Partick Moen joins an equity firm investing in pot."

11 Dec 2013

"Ross Reynolds talks with former DEA agent Patrick Moen about why he left drug law enforcement to work in Washington state's burgeoning cannabis industry."

11 Dec 2013

"Patrick Moen, a 36-year-old from Portland, Oregon, recently made a dramatic career shift. Tired of leading a team of Portland-based DEA agents in arresting drug traffickers, he has joined a firm in Seattle, Washington that invests in budding marijuana businesses."

The Atlantic
10 Dec 2013

"Patrick Moen is a 36-year-old former supervisor at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, where, until recently, he lead a team based in Portland that fought methamphetamine and heroin traffickers. Now, he is embarking on a career change. A rather dramatic one."

Marijuana Business Daily
10 Dec 2013

"Need more proof that marijuana is going mainstream? Privateer Holdings, a cannabis-based private equity firm, has hired a former agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration to serve as its in-house lawyer."

Government Executive
10 Dec 2013

"Patrick Moen is a 36-year-old former supervisor at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, where, until recently, he lead a team based in Portland that fought methamphetamine and heroin traffickers. Now, he is embarking on a career change. A rather dramatic one."

The Wall Street Journal Blog
10 Dec 2013

"Upstart private-equity firms all face hurdles, from finding investors to making payroll in the years before deal profits roll in. Privateer Holdings, which bets solely on businesses tied to the legislation of marijuana, has an even more fundamental problem: having bank accounts."

10 Dec 2013

"A longtime Drug Enforcement Agency agent has turned from fighting narcotics to favoring at least one."

10 Dec 2013

"Patrick Moen is the embodiment of the changes in public attitudes towards marijuana. He used to be a DEA superviosr. Now her works for a firm that invests in companies tied to the pot business."

5 Nov 2013

“A lot of people thought we were pretty crazy when we started,” president and co-founder Brendan Kennedy told us... “People sat on the fence and waited until November 6th, 2012. When they woke up November 7th, we seemed a lot less crazy. Now, we’ve spent a lot less time doing pitches and have been mostly waiting for investors to find us.”

Seattle PI
31 Oct 2013

"Leafly is a Seattle-based tech company that uses crowdsourced information about marijuana strains to provide a searchable database of those strains, what their effects are (good and bad), where you can get them now … and a lot more information. The company has agreed to let us at The Pot Blog use the aggregated expertise of their users to present an occasional gallery of marijuana strains."

Fast Company
19 Oct 2013

"Leafly isn't just for recreational pot smokers. Leafly prides itself on building a website and mobile apps with medical marijuana patients in mind--the site's polished look deviates from other marijuana-themed sites where flashing ads often border on the epileptic.'

Business Insider
19 Aug 2013

"Already a pretty well-rounded site based on these features alone, Leafly even has a mechanism to help you identify which variety of marijuana is best for whatever ails you, medical or otherwise."

The Daily Beast
26 June 2013

“It’s incredibly important that everything we do complies with federal, state, and local laws,” Blue said. Now, though, “investors are starting to see the inevitability of the end of prohibition, and they can see that legalization is going to happen—probably sooner than they initially thought.”

New York Times
25 June 2013

“You know how we’ve always talked about starting something together?” Brendan Kennedy said. “I think I’ve found it. We need to start a venture-capital firm in the cannabis space.” Three years later Kennedy and former Yale School of Management classmate Michael Blue founded Privateer Holdings, the first private-equity firm to openly risk capital in the world of weed.

KIRO Radio
14 June 2013

Brendan Kennedy, head of the Seattle-based private equity fund Privateer Holdings acknowledges there is, or was, a reputation risk to investing in the business of cannabis. "And we're seeing that social taboo being eroded on a daily basis."

Seattle Times
12 June 2013

As state officials begin to shape how the legalization of cannabis applies to youth, poignant cultural parallels are identified within the tobacco and alcohol industries regarding product image. Brendan Kennedy, president of Leafly, a company that reviews marijuana strains, said he and his partners have already vowed not to use certain images, such as Yoda and a winged topless nymph they’ve seen in other pot ads.

6 June 2013

"Everything is harder in this industry," Privateer's Brendan Kennedy says. "And it's not just three times as hard. It's exponentially more difficult."

VICE Motherboard
5 June 2013

There’s a certain wink-'n'-nod charm to Leafly, which was recently acquired by venture-capital firm Privateer Holdings. "You can think of Leafly as Yelp for cannabis strains,” Leafly co-founder Brian Wansolich said.

NBC News Business
5 June 2013

“It’s a mainstream product and our investors see that, and they also see it’s inevitable that it will be legalized and it’s inevitable that there will be a real industry,” said Brendan Kennedy, CEO of private-equity firm Privateer Holdings.

La Nación
4 June 2013

With the advent of Colorado and Washington cannabis legalization, Seattle entrepreneurs including Privateer Holdings partners Brendan Kennedy, Michael Blue, and Christian Groh begin to prepare for the future. *[Article in Spanish]*

Orange County Register
23 May 2013

Cy Scott, a Leafly co-founder, said Privateer's investment was more serendipity than design. “We wanted to answer two questions: What is the right strain for a particular individual and where can they get it?”

15 May 2013

Michael Blue, co-founder of Privateer Holdings, says that mid-lifers represent about 40 percent of the visitors to his company’s first acquisition,, where “discerning connoisseurs who select cannabis strains like they select fine wines” can rate and compare marijuana.

CNN Money
6 May 2013

Part of what we're trying to do is elevate the conversation, to bring the whole industry out of the shadows and into the light," Kennedy said.

10 April 2013

Brendan Kennedy speaks on Privateer's secondary and ancillary business acquisition plan, their first investment in Leafly, and elevating the conversation around cannabis.

8 Apr 2013

Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Seattle-based startup Leafly, is positioning his company to become the Fodor's, ZAGAT and Yelp of cannabis.

USA Today
8 Apr 2013

"We're building the first all-inclusive name brand in the cannabis business,'' Privateer CEO Brendan Kennedy stated.

26 Mar 2013

Despite showing up in suits and ties, Privateer Holdings CEO found they didn't win any friends at first, "Nobody would talk to us," Kennedy remembers. "Everyone thought we were the DEA."

Upstart Business Journal
21 Mar 2013

"This is the biggest opportunity I'm going to see in my lifetime," said the CEO and founder of Privateer Holdings.

19 Mar 2013

“I spent a year talking to growers, accessory product providers like LED light companies, dispensaries, activists, lawyers and political campaigners and realized that this was a huge industry,” Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holdings says.

Upstart Business Journal
11 Mar 2013

Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holdings, moderated and participated in a panel about business opportunities in the legal marijuana industry.

Puget Sound Business Journal
8 Mar 2013

Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holdings, is a venture capitalist focused on the emerging marijuana market. He moderated and participated in a panel Friday about business opportunities in the legal marijuana industry.

The Globe and Mail
25 Feb 2013

Privateer Holdings, the first U.S. private equity firm devoted to helping grow pot startups has entered the field.

25 Feb 2013

Brendan Kennedy's private equity firm has a mission: cultivate start-ups with legitimate growth potential in the cannabis space. Impossible? Maybe not.

22 Feb 2013

As Washington moves to legalize marijuana, pot entrepreneurs are lobbying in public forums and behind the scenes. These business interests want to shape the new marijuana marketplace. Among them, a Seattle-based private equity firm called Privateer Holdings. NPR Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins talks with Brendan Kennedy and Michael Blue.

Huffington Post Live
21 Feb 2013

As states decriminalize marijuana, entrepreneurs and investors are looking at ways to finance and profit from the industry. How will the marijuana business blossom?

The Economist
16 Feb 2013

Seeking to invest a potential industry worth $50 billion, Kennedy and Blue formed a cannabis-focused venture-capital fund called Privateer Holdings.

Yahoo! Finance
14 Feb 2013

Brendan Kennedy, with cannabis-focused private equity firm Privateer Holdings agrees and says that there are still plenty of opportunities to make money in ancillary businesses without having to deal with all the legal hurdles of actually growing and distributing the product.

FOX 12 (Portland)
14 Feb 2013

"It's just like the end of alcohol prohibition. I feel like it's 1995 and I'm telling people there's going to be this thing called the Internet," President, Brendan Kennedy said.

The Yale Herald
25 Jan 2013

Kennedy and Blue want to direct the industry away from the stigma that stubbornly surrounds it; for two MBAs who want to present a legitimate business model, the tone of media coverage is critical.

The Oregonian
25 Jan 2013

With research showing that the national market for medical marijuana alone could increase from from $1.7 billion in 2011 to $8.9 billion by 2016, service companies like provide online user ratings and reviews of marijuana strains.

Puget Sound Business Journal
25 Jan 2013

Brendan Kennedy answers some questions about the nature of the cannabis industry and Privateer Holdings.

Irish Examiner
4 Jan 2013

“It’s an industry that’s in desperate need of professionalism,” says Seattle-based Brendan Kennedy, who has started up, a user-friendly website that allows exploration of 500 varieties of marijuana, and that provides a database of where they can be bought.

NBC Nightly News
30 Dec 2012
Now that Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana, entrepreneurs are embarking on what is being called “the green rush.” NBC’s Pete Williams reports.
27 Dec 2012
We’re now seeing the rapid emergence -- in the ‘grey-market-space’ for medical and recreational marijuana -- of "pot-trepreneurs" including, in Seattle, where this reporter met revelers on a recent weekend night.
Puget Sound Business Journal
14 Dec 2012
When Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Seattle-based online cannabis-review startup, heard President Obama’s remark Thursday that federally prosecuting recreational marijuana users in Washington wouldn’t be a “top priority,” Kennedy was relieved — but not necessarily surprised.
11 Dec 2012
Privateer Holdings' Brendan Kennedy discusses possible marijuana profits. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves."
11 Dec 2012
Washington activists are eager to start designing an infrastructure that could see state-licensed marijuana retail stores open as early as December 2013.
09 Dec 2012
Legalization has also presented an opening for entrepreneurs who see it as the newest mainstream business opportunity.
Los Angeles Times
09 Dec 2012
Entrepreneurs and regulators struggle with how to make Washington's marijuana law work – and pass federal muster.
06 Dec 2012
Brendan Kennedy, a graduate of the Yale School of Management who is the chief executive officer of Privateer Holdings, talks about his private equity fund investing in marijuana-related businesses.
Yale Daily News
04 Dec 2012
After the Nov. 6 vote, two Yale grads are taking the marijuana industry by storm, looking to transform the fragmented and largely untapped market into the next great American frontier.
Seattle Times
02 Dec 2012
Two Seattle-based Yale MBAs emerge as the button-down straight men on the business frontier of marijuana, as legalization in Washington and Colorado turbocharged pot into a mainstream business opportunity.
29 Nov 2012
Marijuana has been historically cast as a dangerous drug for outcasts and societal dropouts. But with the passage of I-502, marijuana is going mainstream.
07 Nov 2012
Over the past few years, Leafly CEO Brendan Kennedy has told potential investors that marijuana legalization is both inevitable and much closer than people realize. He refers to a “Berlin Wall” of marijuana prohibition that’s waiting to be taken down.
31 Oct 2012
Leafly, a unique review-site for medical marijuana patients to find the right strains and dispensaries to suit their medical and financial needs. Think Yelp with a little bit of Rotten Tomatoes, but all about marijuana.
25 Oct 2012
A new online Seattle startup called Leafly is targeting medical marijuana patients. The website (and mobile apps) feature information about medical cannabis strains and dispensaries based on tens of thousands of patient-generated reviews.
20 Apr 2012
Leafly aims to be a medical marijuana resource patients can feel comfortable browsing, even while at work.
20 Apr 2012
East Bay Express
06 Jul 2011
One million medical marijuana patients now exist in America, activists estimate, and another 15.7 million or so smoke pot recreationally, federal health officials estimate. While growing or selling pot can still land you in federal prison,...