Emerald City Medicinal

Eugene, OR
60 reviews | 3.8 out of 5
1474 W. 6Th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402
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  • Hours: Licensed and open, M, W, Th, 9-6; Tu, F 11-6; Sat. 12-5!
  • Phone: 541-505-9065
  • Web: Visit our website
  • Joined: 10/7/2013
  • Menu Update: 1/30/2015
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  • ADA Accessible
  • Read our owner's editorial in defense of the OMMP and its patients in today's Register-Guard (http://registerguard.com/rg/opinion/32672093-78/abandoning-medical-pot-snubs-patients.html.csp#)! We have your back.

    Our orange tier pricing is back for four strains: $6 grams up to $100 per 28 grams (1 oz)! The much-loved AFPAK indica strain is back! Also, the 250 mg kamikaze brownies have cleared testing and deliciously await you!

    Congratulations as well to measure 91 supporters! As a human rights advocate and former lawyer, I celebrate this expansion of our personal freedoms! Though I am excited about this election result, I want to assure our many patients, caregivers and growers that we continue to be committed to our mission to deliver the best in medicinal cannabis and treatment recommendations at the most reasonable reimbursement rates in our state! Welcome home, where we treat you like family. Because, at Emerald City Medicinal, there 's no place like home! Come and enjoy the warmth of our knowledgeable staff! New members and those members who bring them in get a gift!

    Not a head shop, just fellow patients, caregivers, and growers dedicated to finding your best cannabis therapy solutions! Lane County's first and finest offers you the best selection, the lowest reimbursement rates and the most knowledgeable staff around! You owe it to yourself to visit us here at Emerald City Medicinal.

    Fresh off attending the Eighth National Clinical Cannabis Therapeutics Conference with our budtenders, Emerald City Medicinal (Emerald City MeDS) is a licensed medical marijuana facility modeled on new Oregon law 3460, offering a brick-and-mortar medical marijuana facility for OMMP patients, their caregivers and growers in Lane County. We also offer educational presentations to community groups and senior and disabled care facilities on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, the new law that modifies it, and the many medical marijuana treatment options available.

    On March 3, 2014, Emerald City MeDS applied for licensure under 3460 and its applicable OARs. The Oregon Health Authority awarded Emerald City one of the first eight medical marijuana dispensary licenses in Oregon history on March 21st!

    Through our affiliate, Alpha Cannabis Testing Services (A.C.T.S.), LLP, we test for microbials (e.g., mold), pesticides and potency of the cannabinoids THC, CBD and CBN, as the new law requires, to ensure the safety and quality of our medicines, prompt testing results, and lower costs for all!

    We look forward to ushering in this new era in cannabusiness in a professional, responsible, and legal manner! Welcome home, Friends!

    P.S. On Friday, 11 April, the Oregon Health Authority informed us that a safety packet is no longer acceptable to gain access to a medical marijuana facility: one must have their current OMMP card. We regret any discomfort that our patients may suffer as a result of this policy change! Reapply early, if your OMMP card is about to expire, and, if possible, stock up on medicine until your renewal card arrives! our thoughts and prayers are with you all!