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  • MrsFisher85

    “I did not have that long of a wait, just a little over an hour. Considering I don't have to leave my house to get medication, the time is worth the wait. I didn't know that new patients get something though, wish I told them I was a new patient but that's my bad. I'm a little confused about White Rhino. I get the effects okay but I hate the smell and taste, I keep asking myself "is it suppose to taste like that?" The effects are almost not worth the taste, never getting White Rhino again if that is what it is suppose to be. I feel like there is something not right with it, wish I could figure out what it is.”

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  • ukimb2

    “Great service n great strains. AK47 is Everything... Thanks Guys From Jersey 2 AZ. My health is Great n I feel awesome!!!”

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  • indican

    “The staff and flower at this place are top notch and above par. Not sure about all the haters on here, but my experience overall was quite satisfying indeed. The Super Silver delivers as promised and the White Rhino is simply delish to the palate and packs a whopper of a punch! Got my free gram of my choice I might add...Lemon Skunk. These meds are fire keep up the great work people. Kudos to Becky!”

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  • Z3M3L

    “wow! :) I've been to maaaany dispensaries lately. but this was my first time at GOE, so of course I got hooked up. This is THE ONLY one I have found that actually gives the free gram for new patients. A lot say they will, but resort to, " Nope, today is prerolls." Today I got an 8th and 3 seperate grams. All of them, TOP NOTCH!! In fact, now that I think about the quality....woooooow! haha. TOTALLY WOULD RECOMMEND.”

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    Comment from Garden of Eden [[G.O.E]]

    Thank you so much

  • JCF

    “I'm sure everyone will be very happy with the WIFI OG. Great med. The Sour diesel is great also. Hope they will get some more of the Paris OG. Sunday sure is a happy day when you call G.O.E. Thanks to everyone at G.O.E.”

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  • dewbie420

    “its so hard to not like the meds the meds are on point, but the service on the other hand is a completely different story!! I called when they "open" but no answer until 35mins later... so I placed an order at 1036, and 3 hours later still no show.. it doesnt make any sense... and the girl who answers the phone isnt always so happy, its kinda upsetting to hear someone that unenthusiastic. if it were me but which its not, id want someone who wants to go out of there way to help and make a patient happy and to keep coming back but everyone's opinion is different.. all they need are some minor adjustments and there tits in my books..”

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  • AbmsMoke

    “Back at it & they keep that 🔥🔥🔥🔥😏 Stay patience & u will get your smoke Smoke 💨 great service Tasty Trees🌿💯💨”

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  • PhxD

    “Great delivery perfect recommendation of the tasty Purple Dream. All medication seem to be top shelf if G.O.E. is delivering your medications ”

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  • pmad42

    “Always Bombay ...just the wait kills me....”

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  • Antonebrokeback

    “thanks for allllllllways findin the time to serve me the finest meds in AZ... I've been with you guys once a week now for 10 mnths and you've suggested the best meds for my pain and muscle spasms... one love to the whole crew always kind and respectful... thx G.O.E the big hommie Antonio W. on Elm st... keep the 🔥💨💣 here”

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