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“This is the third time they messed up my order. I spent $45 and didnt get my spin and what i ordered was not what i got again. Dont let them just close your bag before you check or you will be sorry. I went for 7 grams of flower and got two small flowers and the rest shake.... If i wanted shake i would have bought shake people and if i only wanted one kind i would have asked for just one kind, not cool to expect having both head and body and only getting body!!!! And i was almost a half gram short again and this was the 3rd time for wrong weight!!! Check your weight too, no one likes getting shorted!!! Seriously considering never returning again. Maybe if you guys chat less with other people than the person you were serving and pay attention to who you are serving.... you might not screw my stuff up!!!! And turn down the music, i had to ask what three times!!!”
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Was this review helpful to you?