Oregon Microgrowery Guild

Eugene, OR
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1395 Cross St.
Eugene, OR 97402
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  • Joined: 10/12/2013
  • Menu Update: 3/1/2014
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We will be closed until a license is present at this location. We are awaiting the State to issue said license. They have not given an idea as to what this time frame may be, but be sure we will re-open our doors as soon as possible.

We will be conducting remodeling and beautification projects during this break. When we re-open be prepared for wonderful new things!

We thank all of our patients so much. Without you we do not exist. We have been blessed to help so many wonderful people. The connections we have made has been absolutely amazing. We really do love you all and will be back as soon as we can!



Due to compliance with OHA HB 3460, the Oregon bill regarding dispensary laws, we will be required to close our doors starting MARCH 1st, 2014. At this time operating a medical cannabis resource in Oregon will require a license issued by the state. Any location operating out of compliance with the State after that date that has not been issued a license will be in direct defiance of HB 3460 and may be forcibly shut down by law enforcement and not allow to re-open.

With this looming we will have to wait until our license is approved before we re-open to the patients of the OMMP program. We are allowed to file our application MARCH 3rd at. The day we receive our license we will re-open permanently. The exact date of allowed operations is currently unknown and will be on a day to day basis. We will be facilitating a Grand Opening celebration at that time.

The state is requiring some actions be taken that is in the best interest of patients. Each batch of cannabis must undergo intensive testing that includes a pesticide profile, mold and mildew tests as well as a fingerprint of the CBD and THC. Being that we are required to do these tests we will offer all lab results, even those not required by the state.Those numbers will include CBN and THC as well as CBN, THCV, CBG and other compounds that are relative to patients. We are working in conjunction with a local lab here in Eugene that will only use the highest quality tests and is nationally certified to run these applications. The tracking that will need to done via point of sale is a product that does not exist. We are currently working with a point of sale programming company that is developing a custom service just for the Oregon HB 3460 requirements. Security is another concern that is extremely important and the state requirements on it are severe. These factors along with the normal cost of operations as well as the license fee required by the State does make the cost of operating a dispensary in Oregon fairly high. In this regard please understand an increase in end cost for patients is to be expected. This will insure that you are only getting the highest quality medical cannabis with full spectrum tests. Your information and safety are also paramount in this system and no information will be shared with anyone unless specifically requested by the State Authority.

We are blessed to have so many fantastic patients. We value you all deeply and want this transformation to go as smoothly as possible. We will work with anyone who has issues with the HB 3460 to insure you are comfortable with the changes. Please remember that medication will not be available past MARCH 1st, and you should not go to ANY club after that date until a license is present at that location. This is something the state is watching very closely. In that regard please plan ahead on your medication needs. We will be offering all of our medication until that March 1st date so feel free to stock up. When we reopen it will be to a whole new world in the State of Oregon for OMMP patients, caregivers and growers. We look forward to the challenges and are excited about the future of cannabis in Oregon as well as on a national level. We are excited to be a part of this revolution and look forward to caring for your needs for years to come.

Thank you for supporting The Oregon Microgrowers Guild!

We are a club only, please be prepared to show OMMP issued card and a state issued photo I.D., we do not have membership fees.

We are discreetly located so if you need assistance finding our location (google maps seems to be the only correct map) please call us and we will guide you. We do not currently accept out of guild growers medications. To offer the highest quality control for patients safety we handle all medications in house only.

We are and support local artisan home growers. We are 100% local and work in many different ways to help the community.

We are an all organic growers club in Eugene Oregon. Growers interact directly with patients to ensure that the patients needs are being met. Our offerings include dry flowers, extracts, medibles, clones, seeds. Meds vary according to availability. We are located in the Whitaker neighborhood at 1395 Cross St, Eugene, 97402 in a discreet location. All meds are available on a reimbursement basis only.

We work with some of the top growers in the world. Our meds are some of the best you will ever find. This is also true for our extracts and medibles. We cut no corners and only offer the finest available. Award winner growers on site.

All product is screened on site to assure we only offer clean and organic products. All extracts and medibles made on site in our commercial kitchen guaranteeing top quality standards for all medicine.