Smokey J's OMMP Delivery Services

Medford, OR
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Call for delivery service:
541-941-8605 Contact Dispensary
  • Hours: Mon-Fri: Noon-10pm, Sat: 3pm-10pm, Sun: Closed
  • Phone: 541-941-8605
  • Joined: 1/2/2014
  • Menu Update: 1/24/2015
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  • ADA Accessible
  • Delivery Service available to Medford and Surrounding Areas, Grants Pass & Ashland with minimum Donation/Reimbursement. (Minimum Donations Vary)

    All New Patients receive Free Menu Sample Pack With first Visit/Donation.

    Current Specials for Frequent Patients: Free 3 grams and Edible after $100 reimbursed

    Are u new to the OMMP?, having trouble finding quality meds? ... maybe u are disabled and not able to go to the co-ops around town?...... or just need some profesional and dependable service?..........Well we can help! We offer A Grade Indicas ,Sativas, and HYbrids (strains will vary per season). we offer OMMP delivery and Services that vary.......we also provide Topicals , Edibels,Tinctures,Oils,and Hashish (when available.) DONATIONS ONLY

    Smokey Js OMMP Delivery/Services is your source for the best High Quality Meds in the Medford area delivered right to your door. Smokey Js OMMP Delivery/Services is a service provided by an OMMP patient/grower with excess meds delivered for valid OMMP cardholders only. Smokey Js OMMP Delivery/Services is supplied by some of the best growers in the area, utilizing the best organic nutrients, the best genetics,state of the art aeroponic/hydroponic hybrid systems, and soil systems ,grown with the best lights available today in the best environment possible, Our growers also specialize in Outdoor gardens as well. Smokey Js OMMP Delivery/Services has the best reimbursement expenses in the area.


    -Delivery service available to Medford ( Grants Pass & Ashland with minimum Donation/Reimbursement )


    -Valid OMMP Patient/Caregiver Card

    -Photo ID

    -$40 minimum for reimbursement for grow costs

    -Knowledge of OMMA law

    Important Note and Rules:

    This is a service for valid OMMP patients for meds from one patient/grower to another patient (you), where you reimburse the patient/grower donating meds for delivery and grow costs only (listed above) as compliant with ORS 475.300 to 475.346 (available by visiting ORS 475.300 – 475.346 ) This is not for the sale of meds, and is only for valid patients with valid ID and proof of valid OMMP status. The sale of meds is not permitted for any reason according to Oregon law, please do not ask to buy or purchase meds or for the sale of meds for your protection and ours. Proof of valid OMMP status and Oregon ID required before meds given/reimbursement taken. We will not provide our service to anyone that does not follow these basic rules or meet the above requirements. Thanks.


    -Call us at (541-941-8605 or email at Include your name and number to setup an initial appointment to get started for the minimum reimbursement of $40.

    Please Check Our Daily Specials

    Monday – 2 Free Pre-Roll w/ $40 Minimum Donation

    Tuesday - Free gram w/ $40 Minimum Donation (flowers only)

    Wednesday - 2 Grams BHO Concentrate for $50 donation

    Thursday – 15% off on Outdoor Flower Menu

    Friday – Fatty J’s Friday 1/8's = 4.5 grams

    Saturday – Smokey Day 1/4's = 8 grams

    Only one deal or special per order, per day.

    ---Sorry discounts do not apply.---

    By request only. Thank you for understanding

    Can't decide? Want to try two flavors in your eighth? Go ahead, pick two flavors and the donation will be the greater of the two.

    :) Get 2 free grams, on the day of your Birthday!! (no exceptions, conditions apply)