Blue Crack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend

  • “One of the best tasting strains I've tried but as of high, I've had better. If you're looking for a mellowed out high this is it. It's a good happy feel. Sadly I smoked it all before I could get a pic. Lol”

  • “so so. not so much the 50/50 fan. makes me feel like im tweaking but hungry”

  • “My gals and me all state that this weed is like sitting on a Hitachi vibrator! This strain is the best to have sex on since gals have multiple O's while smoking or vaping it. While dancing you get that where u become one with the peeps u are dancing with since this is both a body and main high. For me personally it's an UP high. It's my favorite!!”

  • “good strain I do roof work and smoke it thru out the day and it keeps me going very good for active people. Blue cracks also reminds me of purp when I smoke it”

  • “Was an alright strain. Made me happy and giggly”

  • “One of the worst, supposed "high grade" strains I've ever had. Smelled good, but didn't taste good to me. Also it took to much to have an effect. Compared to other good strains.”

  • “Some great flower if you want an uplifting and euphoric high. Nice head rush”