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Pauly456 -- 2/27/2014
By far my favorite strain. Goodbye Blackberry Kush. Hello Blue Dream! It puts me in such a good mood, I always have a big smile on my face after smoking Blue Dream. The strain does seem to vary though from shop to shop. The second time I got it from a different shop and the effects seem a little more intense and quicker. The first shop I got it from it's effects seemed to sneak up on you, while the second was more in your face, right away.
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Acquired from:
Swell Farmacy / AAA Medical Currently Out of Stock
Youngtown,AZ 613 reviews
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Pauly456 Tagged Blue Dream
Made me feel:
Euphoric, Happy, Giggly, Relaxed
Helped Relieve:
Pain, Muscle Spasms
Unfortunately, I experienced:
No negative effects