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Good to Very Good
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Good to Very Good
Anonymous -- 6/24/2014 Review Details
Good to Very Good
"This one provides an interesting experience. As far as smell goes, the "cheese" scent is definitely present as well as a bit of a mint and citrus edge. The flavor of the smoke is not exceedingly pleasant, but bearable. It has a peppery taste with a strange tinge of sweetness, but overall it tastes very similar to smoked resin. Very dark and "ashy" flavor. For me, this one is definitely best suited for night time, when you have done all the things you needed to do. Very heavy feeling of couchlock, relaxation, and sedation. My mind remains very active, creative, and introspective...but physically it is a very heavy relaxation. I've smoked/vaped it a few times during the day, and it was just too much to be able to get things done. In summary, it's a great solo night-burn. Melts my anxieties away, kills physical pain, while also giving me a nice mood-boost. It just doesn't taste all that great and is not suited for day-time use."
Anonymous -- 5/12/2014 Review Details
Good to Very Good
"A potent strain. One j is very good, the second gets you super greened already. The flavour is not entirely pleasent, too grourmand for me, if you well. The cheesiness is def present, more along the lines of camembert (French white "blue" cheese) than edam. No noticefable negative side effects, body seems relaxed but responsive, it's easy to talk and be affective. More relaxing with close friends rather than a crazy night out. 0514"
Anonymous -- 2/3/2014 Review Details
"One of the best strains I have tried! did it in dam, and I remember it as one of the best experiences there."
Anonymous -- 12/2/2013 Review Details
Good to Very Good
"Very good tasting, long lasting high. Very relaxed."
Anonymous -- 9/23/2013 Review Details
Good to Very Good
"good "
Anonymous -- 1/18/2013 Review Details
"this isn't the original cheese, or even the one favoured by the exodus collective, which remains 'clone only' to this day.

the real deal has a taste as strong as the smell, and it's the fruitiest thing this side of blueberry, but considerably more potent and so deserves respect; it's caused more 'whiteys' than any other strain in the uk, and takes a while to get used to.

the biggest problem is that funky smell. it's just in a different league to anything else....if you pass someone in the street with some in their pocket, you'll know it. if a friend comes to your house with some, the first thing you say won't be your usual greeting, it'll be more like 'you smell nice'.

all well and good, but attracts attention like no other. the good and the bad varieties...you have been warned!

other than the smell, it's a dream to grow. strong, vigorous, mould resistant, loves sog, scrog, yield wise similar to northern lights, not as good as say, jack herer in that regard. it doesn't actually hum that bad on the grow, but just wait 'til harvest time and you will be able to follow your nose back from the shops. not one to grow in an urban environment, especially for beginners; carbon filters won't help you here as the smell amps up once it's cropped, and never leaves!

and ps

keep looking for a better hybrid than this one. they are out there....nepalcheese being my absolute favourite smoke of all time. good things come to those who search, and some people have managed to crack some seriously impressive likenesses, good enough to fool even this member of the exodus collective. but this ain't it, so don't be fooled by the 'exodus' bit"
Anonymous -- 1/2/2013 Review Details
"nice strain strong indica....."
Anonymous -- 12/4/2012 Review Details
Good to Very Good
"not bad after all :O but watch out you can badtrip :O"
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