Exodus Cheese Reviews

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  • “so I bought a 1/8th today from a local north Spokane smoke shop of this blueberry smelling light and dark green just WOW. this is some good stonie weed. my wife was sitting about ten feet from men! and I opens the jar from phatpanda while she read a book. the next thing I know she's in my face going where you get that stinky Shi# and I told her to check out satori.”

  • “Exodus is incredible. By far one of the best strains circulating in Europe. The high is uplifting and a true kick. High lasts a while but when it wears out, you'll be finding yourself napping on anything. It's a really sweet, mellow-happy, relaxing weed.”

  • “This cut was provided by Grow ops farms in Washington State. This was also my first time trying this strain. The buds are a beautiful lime kinda green that smell absolutely insane! This is one of if not THE Fruitiest smelling buds I have ever smelled. Smell is kinda like a hybrid between strawberry lemonade and fruit loops. The taste only loses a small amount of poignant smell of fruit. The high lasts a good 3-4 hour...”

  • “One of my favorite strains.. Definitely a good bud to smoke after a long day when you're just trying to relax. Has a real high potency as well. Awesome smoke all around.”

  • “This was my first time trying this strain. WOW, did this strain ever impress me.The smell was just so incredible, very pungent. And the flavour was to die for. The high kept me feeling good for many hours.”

  • “Amazing smoke Flavanoids are amazing If grown right and this was good job CannaBlissDelight (cbd)”

  • “Great Strain, Best British Classic, May take some time to adjust to if your not used to. Is really smelly, Pugent, Strong, sticky dank... It makes me want to drool thinking about it. ...Yum! Great Overall strain for most general medical.. (Definatly the sleepy laid back and chilled pain killing power of a Cannanis Indica (mainly) Nice in a waterpipe or spiff (NO TOBACCO) Enjoy a Great couch moulding experence...”

  • “One of the best strains ever!! If u find a good breed, only a small/normal j of your standards will make u just high enough for 2-3 hours, which is great for daytime! Now if u want a good buzz just smoke more, sit down and enjoy the "trip" ;) 5/5”