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chastity_blue -- 6/15/2014
I was told that I should try Harlequin, by my brother who like me has Epilepsy. and for the first time in my life I had an Aura before having a grand-mal seizure this Strain has helped me more than any that I have ever tried to date.It is the main pain killer I use for my migraines since I can no longer take over the counter, they no longer work on me. My migraines get so bad that the pain was lasting all day long and nothing would stop it. the first time I tried this for one of my migraines the pain was gone in 5 min. if you need a good pain killer and can't take over the counter stuff I would definitely suggest this one.
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chastity_blue Tagged Harlequin
Made me feel:
Focused, Relaxed
Helped Relieve:
Headaches, Insomnia, Pain, Seizures, Depression, Muscle Spasms
Unfortunately, I experienced:
Anxious, Dizzy, Dry Mouth