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Hybrid Jil Jillybean
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Bred by MzJill of TGA Genetics through crossing Orange Velvet and Space Queen, Jillybean was rated a top 10 strain in 2007 by High Times. The high is described as being an upbeat and happy one, with flavors of tangy orange and mango. Flowering time is generally 8 weeks and a drop in temperature late in flowering will produce maroon colors on the leaves. THC content has been measured up to 17% with a CBD up to 0.54%.

Strain Attributes

  • Flavors
Jillybean has the following taste and smell flavor profile:
  • Effects
  • Medical
  • Negatives
Jillybean makes patients feel:
Jillybean helps patients relieve:
Lack of Appetite
Used to help with: Anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, ADD/ADHD, PMS
Unfortunately, patients may experience:
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

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carlsagan -- 8/10/2011
"0.3 G in a vape. And after you finish the bowl. You start to feel a very sativa dominant effect. Uplifting, energetic, and happy emotions. As it begins to peak the sativa si..." Read more
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Anonymous -- 10/30/2014
"Very happy, very energetic, and very sex-inducing. Using the same amount as I would with any other strain in an MFLB, I came close to the too-much-energy-for-comfort touchpoint, wh..." Read more
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