Snow White Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “a wonderful cross between Cinderella 99 x white widow x northerlights. a must have high yielding citrus strain for any garden. 9 to 10 weeks dank citrus taste and smell, great for pain relief and depression. has amazing dense nugs”

  • “Felt a completly new high. I was very focused and it helped me a lot in a stressful situation. The price was cheap and it tastes good :)”

  • “Got a batch imported from Amsterdam. Very nice crystally buds very dense. Very nice strong high, good for any time of day and especially good at night time. Taste was sweet and sticky which left my mouth dry at times but no problems! Great strain 5/5”

  • “Actually pretty standard around here in the Netherlands, but I never got to try it. It really surprised me the first time. Very strong high that came rolling in pretty smoothly. Very good example of a hybrid: nice head buzz and pretty heavy body high. Just getting my keys from my pocket seemed like an adventure and I had a great time. Definitely recommend it for just doing something with your friends. The taste is ju...”

  • “Tasted super lemony and the buds were full of crystals. Smoked this during the day and wandered around, it helped a lot with pain and general happiness. Nothing especially stand out about this strain but I could happily smoke it any time.”

  • “I smoked this strain in amsterdam it looked great real frosty and sticky. I smoked just one spliff of this with a friend and i haven't been that high in months. And that with one spliff, the only negative side was that i couldn´t follow any conversation. but still it was great going back for that one for sure.”

  • “One of my top five favorites thus far. So mellow and a consistant high. I enjoy the sugary taste it leaves in your mouth. It takes all my pain away and helps me feel happy.”

  • “Absolutely my favorite number 1! Gives you great happy feeling and still head is crystal clear. Also very relaxing and end of the high, there was no talking about my chronic pain and i slept like a little baby :)”