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Hybrid Wz White Zombie
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White Zombie is a potent hybrid strain with cerebrally-focused effects conducive for creative endeavors and stress relief. While this strain likely contains some Zombie OG genetics, it's also possible that White Zombie's maker was just a diehard Rob Zombie fan. Its euphoric and relaxing effects make it a perfect remedy for anxiety and depression, but come prepared with enough lazy activities: the psychoactivity of this strain is long-lasting.


Strain Attributes

  • Flavors
White Zombie has the following taste and smell flavor profile:
  • Effects
  • Medical
  • Negatives
White Zombie makes patients feel:
White Zombie helps patients relieve:
Lack of Appetite
Used to help with: Anxiety, Migraines, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Spinal Cord Injury
Unfortunately, patients may experience:
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

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DylanplayswithDemons -- 9/7/2012
"My mom grew this for her dispensary. She gave me some and I have to say it is my favorite strain yet. Such an amazing head high and an equally great body high. The whole night I fe..." Read more
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imastoner123 -- 1/22/2015
"I'm an avid stoner and have tried many strains. I rarely give a strain a 5/5 but white zombie made me extremely productive and creative while enjoying a high at the same time. I hi..." Read more
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