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Good to Very Good
Anonymous -- 6/28/2014 Review Details
"Amazing. Makes for a great high, calm and collected . Smells and tastes delicious, very fruity and sweet! I highly recommend this strain...HIGHLY;)"
Anonymous -- 5/11/2014 Review Details
Would Not Recommend
"Exceptional. Indica and strong. Almost takes my breath away after hits. Have to sit down."
Anonymous -- 4/2/2014 Review Details
"uppppper lol!!!!!!!"
Anonymous -- 3/25/2014 Review Details
"I'm pretty new at all of this and my first time smoking this was today, i was told it would help with me want to eat.. from personal experience what you want to do with this is set up sweets all around you, and grapes, and after it hits you eat a grape to get moisture in your mouth, it tasted so delicious, and before you know it you'd want to eat everything. "
Anonymous -- 3/24/2014 Review Details
"I have a quarter of the outdoor version of this strain right now... i am just super relaxed right now. I felt it pretty quickly, like my face and back were like butter. Great for my back pain, and i dont feel any anxiety i sometimes do while smoking cannabis. Tasty with a very earthy aroma to it, kind of a sweet/earthy taste to it. Indica lovers, rejoice."
Anonymous -- 3/21/2014 Review Details
"makes me laugh like high school."
antennae -- 3/19/2014 Review Details
"This one was a creeper. I felt clear headed and relaxed at first. Very pleasant. After about 20-30 minutes - WHOMP - I was pretty stoned. This strain felt almost all body to me, with very little head cloudiness. It was excellent for relaxation and sleep. OK for pain. Very potent."
Anonymous -- 3/19/2014 Review Details
"Amazing high, totally heavy head head. Definitely not a good weed for beginners. I smoke regularly (3-4) times a day and this bud had me BAKED definitely a strain you wanna try. "
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