Corleone Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • treefarmer

    “Hard hitting Indica that leaves your mind still active. This strain has a light citrus smell and sweet taste. Grows tall with thick, dense buds.”
  • WestAmericans

    “This strain is my favorite sleepytime indica above all now. It's uplifting in addition to completely relaxing, which is a rare combination. It also knocks you out the entire night. I just wish it wasn't so rare. I know what to do next time it is in stock at least -- buy the Corleones out.”
  • floyd09

    “This is a must try. Super potent, the smells is pretty basic and citrus and the flavor is awesome! It taste like pine and lime with a sour and sweet flavor. The high is potent and it make me very nostalgic and thougtful, very relaxed, great for meditation, stress, anxiety and food. 9.5 Top shelf”
  • DabbinMiss

    “Perfect for night time dabs, quick acting mind and body pain relief. Smooth and tasty hits when used on a It nail with a triple perc. Hope to see this on more menus! Would advise for those who have high tolerance issues.”
  • WestAmericans

    “Definitely relaxing, and happy too. Good choice for insomnia, anxiety, and depression.”
  • DaFreshident

    “Picked this one up on recommendation from the budtender, looking for a good indica strain to ease back tension. Like the other reviews say, there's a definite sativa onset, my head felt like it was filled with sand. I never spent much time off the couch. The first hour of the high was happily fuzzy, I spent most of it watching youtube poop because it was just choppy enough to keep my attention. Slowly my body star...”
  • th3ath3ist

    “This one hits you like a truck, and then it's a nice, mellow trip to the couch. Pretty potent, I'm a daily smoker and I was impressed with the effects from this batch. Really not for beginners at all. Smoked some for a migraine and it really helped and put me in a place where the pain was just far away. I totally recommend it for pain management and stress. Recreational users who want to relax after a bad day should...”
  • hgs7111

    “This strain is very good. It has it's own unique taste and has a very nice high. Helped to relieve stress and my headaches. It did the opposite an indica strain should do and gave me some energy. If you see it for sell it's worth trying if you can find it for the right price.”