MK Ultra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Good earthy skunk strand. Makes you feel a premium high after a half a bowl. Cover up the loud after use tho since it is a bit obvious.”

  • “Vaped on a volcano. This is one serious Indica. Half a bag of this stuff takes me to the moon. First 30-1 hour is super relaxing and after the MK Ultra tries to pull you into a deep Ambien sleep. Tried fighting it and my computer screen started waving like I was tripping.”

  • “just got some of this a few hours ago. it is dopeeeee 😍💨🍃🍃”

  • “this is for me personally a very powerful strain. i used it consistently for about a month because the effects i received from it really interested me. in all of my time using marijuana, from any shape or form, i had never experienced any paranoia, until using this strain, it almost put me off weed all together. it does have very strong hallucinogenic effects, which can be alarming for one who does not know about thi...”

  • “really got me stoned. felt like my face was floating off my skull”

  • “powerful!! bedtime medicine for me. tastes amazing very kushy and earthy hits u right in the nose. but its strong on the lungs tho even in the vape. one of the heaviest and effective indicas ive ever had. and i didnt have to take my prescribed sleepy pills:)”

  • “This a concentrate has the best taste! It's realy smooth and tastes like almost sweet. Great stuff, more of a peanut butter consistency which I personally like.”

  • FWB

    “Definite favorite. Couple of hits crept up on me and quieted my mind. Strong munchies especially for sweets. Constant mellow high good for a nap so you can sleep off the burn out.”