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Poll Finds One Quarter of Americans Would Try Cannabis If It Were Legal

Poll Finds One Quarter of Americans Would Try Cannabis If It Were Legal

If cannabis were legal in your state, how often would you buy it? 

In a recent poll presented by YouGov and Huffington Post, 26% of Americans said that they would purchase cannabis if it were legal in their state. That’s right, about one in every four Americans would be willing to take a puff or a nibble or two. 

While 12% of that statistic is made up of people who would try it on rare occasions, these numbers are still quite surprising after 70 plus years of prohibition. Only 9% claim they would purchase under current cannabis laws (recreational cannabis is illegal in all but 2 states). 

The poll was also revealing in regards to the age ranges of those who are a bit more open-minded about experimenting with cannabis. In people 65 and older, around 9% claimed they would be willing to purchase cannabis at least once or twice if the plant were made legal in their state. This is a fairly significant bump up from the grand total of zero seniors who would be willing to purchase cannabis illegally now. 

Unsurprisingly, 35% of respondents under 30 reported that they would buy legal cannabis. Also unsurprisingly, 16% of that demographic is willing to purchase now. 

With a hair more than a quarter of Americans a little canna-curious, these statistics hint at the potential size of a U.S. cannabis market. The YouGov/HuffPo poll had a limited sample size of around 1,000 people; a sliver in the near 314 million that currently live in the United States. Yet, if cannabis were destigmatized by state and federal officials, more people than expected may find a little joy in their newly discovered freedom. 

photo credit: secretlondon123 via photopin cc