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Sativa Cw Charlotte's Web
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Charlotte’s Web is a sativa marijuana strain that has gained popularity as a good option for treating seizures as well as a range of other medical conditions. This medical potency is due to its high-CBD content, which was specifically cultivated by Colorado breeders The Stanley Brothers for a young epileptic patient named Charlotte. However, the thick “web” of trichomes on Charlotte’s flowers are also storied to have led to the name. This strain is effective with little to no psychoactive effects, making it great for those who don’t want their medication to affect their daily tasks. Charlotte’s powerful web may cause dizziness for some patients, so new users should be cautious. Overall, the flowers of this strain have a fresh pine aroma.

Strain Attributes

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Charlotte's Web has the following taste and smell flavor profile:
  • Effects
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Charlotte's Web makes patients feel:
Charlotte's Web helps patients relieve:
Used to help with: ADD/ADHD, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Migraines
Unfortunately, patients may experience:
Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

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Anonymous -- 8/30/2010
"With a strong, pine-y scent and a strong, long-lasting high, this is one of my favorite sativa strains. When I smoke this, I tend to want to just laying down, listen to music with ..." Read more
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Anonymous -- 12/17/2013
"Charlottes Web is most definitely made from a Industrial Hemp strain Stanley brothers took from Canada or Europe. After 5 years in hemp industry I look at Interpret profile and CBD..." Read more
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