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About AgDynamix

We are a collaboration of local consultants & professionals with hands on application experience in Agricultural and Canna-business development. The services we provide range from field visits, to business development, compliance management, and production oversight. We work together to ensure that we are providing the most complete array of services to our clients from concept to completion, and maintenance. It is important that we as a community set a high standard for the future of Agricultural and Cannabis applications. It is important to our firm to ensure the protection of our prime agricultural lands and resources. Our services integrate a whole business approach towards the future Agricultural and Cannabis compliance. Protecting our clients with top tier consulting and networking is important in building a healthy professional industry, while protecting the vested interests of landowners, farmers, laborers & B2B relationships, and most importantly the consumer. Our Story AgDynamix is a Humboldt County, CA based business that was founded on passion for supporting, promoting and protecting the local Agricultural development. We see a great need for assisting in structuring the Canna-business future. Our experience in agricultural business planning and management is poised to serve the agricultural cannabis industry in its transition into a legitimate market place. We are passionate about addressing the needs for environmental, social and economic reform through our efforts. Foundation Founded by Teisha Mechetti, as a sole proprietor in 2013, formerly known as MoonDynamics AgEnergy Consulting & Services, whose main purpose was to integrate bio-dynamic farming techniques and practices into homestead and market production. Native to Macedon, in Upstate New York, the fields were her playground. Native crops in her hometown were mainly corn, hay, orchard & berry production. Her background in Agriculture really began to foster in 2005 with her family owned business that began the initial research and development for after market E85 liquid fuel conversion systems, it became clear during the product development that there were many issues surrounding around the production of corn for liquid fuel and the availability of alternative fuels to the public. She spent the following 7 years de-bunking the traditional agricultural practices and the agricultural feed-stocks used for ethanol production and sought to find a better solution. After analyzing the financial trajectories tonnage per acre, sugar profiles, and feasibility of accessing the maximum BTU potential for corn, sorghum, sugar beets, sunflowers, Jerusalem artichokes, kelp, algae & hardwood wastes, the conclusion was, the only input source that promised the most value was Hemp. In 2014, the Farm Bill included Hemp for Research production, and the future for Hemp and Cannabis became clear. Hemp with its aptitude to yield high tonnage per acre, supply textiles for clothing, ink, paper, building materials, nutrition and fuel, as well as, repair damaged and contaminated fields, stands to alter the way we think of Agriculture. Ms. Mechetti supports the future of cannabis as an Agricultural commodity, due to the fact that, it is the one sustainable product that offers such a wide array of benefits to our lands, people, societies and a promising and sustainable future for the Agricultural landscape for generations to come. With a major research project to boot and a drive to launch a Youth Agriculture project called Humboldt Youth Programs for Youth Arts & Agriculture Program to pair she began pursuing her Agricultural education with College of the Redwoods and applying her fuel research and production models into her curriculum. She quotes ""When I was young I wanted to be many things, but the one thing that stood out was my passion for farming, when it came time to select a career, the only thing that made sense was Agriculture. I remember the day my fire for Agriculture erupted, I was about 12 years old and read an article about a community in Africa, whose crops were destroyed by locusts, a common problem in Africa, as the locusts swarm regularly wiping out thousands of acres of crops in their path. The villagers had to make a pourage of sorts from a common leaf that was available in the area to sustain their hunger. I was so upset by this article, that I wrote a personal letter to the President at the time, George W. Bush, asking for support for these regions, and asking for a food supply to be sent out to address their shortage of an adequate food supply."" With her background in land sourcing, management, sustainable applications, and business planning staged the way for the future of AgDynamix, a Farm Management Service firm, working with farmers and growers in the Agricultural and Cannabis industry, in Humboldt County, CA. Early stage projects for AgDynamix ranged from business development & management, marketing plans, livestock health inspection & maintenance, husbandry, nutritional programs as well as soil building techniques, bio-dynamic crop planning, orchard management, holistic pest management, water conservation techniques, National Organic Program Guidelines, training, education and small scale homestead applications. With a wide array of skills, experience, networks, and services we are poised to serve the future of Agriculture internationally, and are excited to assist in the transition towards a sustainable future.