Banana Bread Hybrid 1g

HybridTHC 22%CBD —
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About this product

This 1g cartridge is 60% high THC distillate / 40% single source true to strain live resin terpenes. Our cartridges are the perfect blend of strength and true live resin cannabis flavor.

About this strain

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About this brand

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Altered Alchemy
A truly local Oregon company, Altered Alchemy has one goal; get consumers the highest quality products for the lowest price possible.

We make a variety of products including: cured resin dabs, live resin dabs, diamonds n sauce, live resin FECO (RSO), cartridges, and more coming soon!

At our farms our plants get cared for as if we were making top shelf flower. That's not common when growing for extraction. That's why our nose, our flavor, our strength, and effect are on another level!

You will not find a higher quality for the price. We really are the perfect balance of bang for your buck. That's why we say "Altered Alchemy is BY the people, and FOR the people!"


  • OR, US: 030-1008311722F
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