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***WARNING*** - THIS PRODUCT USES MAGNESIUM--DO NOT SPRAY ON OR AROUND OPEN WOUNDS. If you accidently spray into open wound rinse immediately. Will not harm you, but it sure will sting for about 5 minutes.

Large 4 ounce Spray Bottle. This product was formulated to carry the included ingredients to the more "boney"-area's of your body. Like your hands, feet, spine, knees, elbows, ect. Easy to use just spray on the area (avoiding any open skin / wounds), pat into skin and let soak in. You may feel a slight tingle / itchiness when first applied. Do not worry, this is the magnesium going thru your dermal layers and the sensation will subside within a few minutes. Relief is reported to begin within 30 minutes of application. May help heal broken bones and/or fractures a bit faster and a bit stronger.

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Amazing Herbal Creations, LLC
Since 2010 we have been soldiers of change paving the way for your ability to choose the way you care for your health, your body and your mind. Our great ancestor, Mother Earth gifted us with just one plant that magically covers many areas of care, Marijuana. It is available in 3 different forms for healing and care of 3 different areas of our being. Cannabis Sativa, Indica and Hemp.

Our company covers all of those 3 areas for you by utilizing all 3 forms of the amazing herbal creation, Cannabis, And here is where our company name was born: Amazing Herbal Creations, LLC. And the heart of our company was formed because we are just like all of you, in search of safe and very effective pain relief, healing and prevention. Organic, from Mother Nature herself. Our products offer a wide range of healing including pain, skin conditions, cold sores, dermatology, relaxation, healing, calming, therapeutic,


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