Lemon Thai Kush Pre-Rolls 3.5g 7-Pack


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Conveniently packed and ready-to-smoke, each package contains 7 mini-joints at 0.5g each, using the same high-end flower we put into our jars. Featuring our award-winning genetics; Our minis are only rolled using full flower, never shake or trim. Each pack contains an airtight plastic insert for maximum freshness, making them the perfect eighth on the go.

A bouquet of sour lemons covered in sugar, heavy kush, and exotic floral notes radiate from this instant classic. Tangy lemons are corralled and cooled by soft floral and heavy kush exhales. The Thai is a lovely addition here - it evokes the spiced, floral, and skunk profiles of yesteryear. So rarely does a strain name hit it's own flavor profile right on the head; but this Lemon Thai Kush leaves nothing to the imagination - everyone gets a seat at the table here. Leaping back and forth from a cerebral lemon haze - to a heavy, tranquil kush calm - to an enlivening hybrid bodybuzz - the stone takes on the same chameleon-like nature as the flavor profile - a little something for everyone. Leaning sativa, the Lemon Thai Kush is great for all times of the day, but can be the rocket fuel to get you moving in the morning!

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We felt the highest standards did not exist, so we set out to create them. At Binske, the quality of your experience and the relationships you cultivate with our products comes first and foremost, which is why we deploy the utmost sophistication and pride in every single batch we produce. As self-confessed perfectionists, obsessed with quality and flavor, we consistently go through great lengths, paying attention to the granular details in order to craft unforgettable sensations that can be found in each and every luxurious bite, sip or hit. Binske is dedicated to delivering an elevated cannabis experience like no other that affords everyone a taste of the high life, anywhere any time. Whether it's through our cannabis products or the lifestyle section of our brand featuring art and fashion collabs and innovation. Once you get a taste of the high life, there's no going back.


  • CA, US: C11-0001274-LIC
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