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About this brand

Bio Sannie nutrient line is a symbiosis of biological inoculates that nurture and feed the root system of the plant and encourage healthy growth and abundant harvest. Our Mycorrhiza is inoculated with Rhizobacteria. We collected some of the finest Mycorrhiza's, mix them by hand to give the Seedlings and Clones the best possible healthy start. This Mycorrhiza symbiosis will grow along with your roots and the spores will transform into Fungi when in contact with the roots. Time Release Buffer Tablets bring together the important combination of Limes and the appropriate Bacteria to optimize the Soil. They contain Nutrients, Nitrogen enhancing Bacteria and Phosphate solubilizing Bacteria Stems. The Buffer tablets are especially developed to fertilize new and existing plants. They are designed to meet the mineral and nutrient needs of the plant through its life cycle. The Buffer Tablets time release Nitrogen, natural Humic Acids and beneficial Bacteria. Insert the buffer tablets 2" into the soil. One tablet per gallon of soil will provide enough Nutrients for a complete cycle (8-12 weeks). The Tablets Condition the Soil and provide most of the required nutrients for your plants. Bacto is an Organic Product that should be used at every growing stage of the plants life and contains a combination of Fungi Bacteria and Trichoderma. Bacto should be used right from young cuttings and seedlings for a healthy start. The combination of Fungi Bacteria and Trichoderma gives every medium a boost of useful Micro-Organisms. Bacto is highly concentrated and will boost root growth and protect your cuttings and seedlings from unwelcome Bacteria. Bacto has been especially designed to stimulate and energize the soil life and creates the best possible root environment by freeing up Phosphor, bind Nitrogen and effectively use recycled minerals from organic waste. Selected strains of Streptomyces Bacteria and Trichoderma Fungi are stimulated by a natural catalyst called Myconate. The combination of the Streptomyces and Trichoderma working together will enhance the health of your plants and the fertility of the Soil. Organic Flower Power is a 100% soluble organic fish fertilizer. Flower Power encourages the growth of large flowers by providing phosphorus and potassium. Use two weeks into flowering cycle at a rate of 1 Tbsp per gallon of water, every two weeks through the flowering cycle. Water only through the last two weeks of flowering. Flower Power can also be used as a foliage spray at a rate of 1 Tbsp per gallon of water.