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Blazing Ape OG Kush

Award Winning

Blazing Ape OG Kush Flower
Blazing Ape OG Terp Sugar offers a masterfully extracted Terp Sugar pulled from t
Blazing Ape OG Kush Shatter offers a masterfully extracted shatter pulled from th

About Blazing Ape OG Kush

About Blazing Ape OG Kush Euphoria is just a blaze away. Blazing Ape OG Kush is Michigan’s source of premium cannabis products derived from a unique cut of their in-house strain. Toke and dab on flowers and concentrates of the highest quality, crafted by and created for cannabis connoisseurs. Blazing Ape OG Kush is the result of many years of industry experience. Long before the days of everyone and their brother being an extraction artist, the Blazing Ape OG Kush team were in the lab creating slabs of fire. Experience Michigan’s real OG, euphoria is just a blaze away. Process Premium quality and industry best practices go into every aspect of Blazing Ape OG Kush products, from soil to oil. First, the founder/master grower cultivates Blazing Ape OG Kush flowers in his boutique cannabis garden. Once those flowers reach the highest genetic potential, the buds are carefully harvested and cured to perfection. From there, some of those buds go out to market while others are used for extraction. The Blazing Ape OG Kush founder then takes his yield and isolates the cannabinoids and terpenes locked inside the bud’s trichomes. The result is beautiful slabs of shatter and sugar, a clean and high-quality extract. Products No matter which way you blaze, pungent flavors and stellar effects are sure to follow. Blazing Ape OG Kush flowers are their signature in-house cut of OG Kush. These buds deliver a massive buzz expected from a Kush strain while leaving users with uplifting, cerebral disposition. Now take that experience and amplify it. Blazing Ape OG Kush’s premium flowers are offered in Terp Sugar and Shatter. Blazing Ape OG Terp Sugar delivers the pungent, sour, and diesel flavors of the strain to front and center. As for the Shatter, every dab is a delight. The experience mirrors every characteristic of the flowers with an added boost of potency and flavor. Lab Testing The safety and efficacy of Blazing Ape OG Kush’s flowers and extracts are paramount to their team. Each product is full spectrum lab tested