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About BuildASoil

After a lifetime with interest in growing plants I moved from California to Colorado. When I moved inland, one of the first goals was to start a home garden. It all started with a desire to be self sufficient. After a few years all my friends wanted to know what kinda secret nutrients I was using or magic bottled spray I was hiding. When I kept telling them that I had built a worm bin and was using aged compost along with earth worm castings they thought I was crazy. After 5 years, growing my own food, care-giving for several medical patients and trying every method there is, I learned to just keep it simple and copy those that have succeeded before us. I lay no claim to this information as I have absorbed it from all over the world. When I first started looking for more information on cultivating organic food and medicine I couldn't believe at the abundance of bad information and BS being sold. After painstakingly researching each ingredient to use in my personal garden, I was bombarded by buddies that wanted me to setup a garden at their house and teach them to Build A Soil. After a few friends achieved record harvests with simple soil recipes and homemade fertilizers they were hooked! I kept buying soil and trying different mixes, some had only a few ingredients and some had dozens. Now that I know what works and what doesn't, my goal is to pass that information on to you. (It's Simple, I promise... and It's all time proven) Many growers will never go past buying miracle grow organic soil and feeding with tap water and some NPK. Even many more will stop with some Premium bagged soil and Premium Bottled Nutrients. But very few will take it full circle and return back to the origin of simple soil with solid humus, minerals and an abundance of life. The difference is taste, smell and nutrition is astounding. How can you have a good tomato from just NPK? You can't! That's what the supermarket sells. That's not good for your medicine either. Long story short, after nagging from friends to purchase what little product I had on hand I met a local Nursery and landscape supply company owner named Ed. He was looking for someone to help him capitalize on the organic movement and the coming wave of food and medicine growers in Colorado. We made a perfect match and I was able to start getting the premium ingredients you see today in such bulk pricing that we can afford to offer competitive prices and low cost shipping on all of our products. Ed is a Master Gardener from Colorado State University and I'm a professional soil consultant. Take it from us, growing the best plants doesn't have to cost a lot. Getting your soil tested and built properly from the get go is money well spent.