Glue Ball 3.5 Gram Pre-Pack Flower


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C4’s pre-pack flower is grown in the highest standards, through our Clean Green® cultivation practices. Testing, on average, 5%-6% higher in THC than the national average for commercially grown strains, C4’s flower is known for its potency and complex terpene profiles.

Glue Ball (Original Glue x Snowball)

Strain Info: With a strain this sticky, you know it’s going to pack a punch. With a distinct gassy, citrusy, tobacco like flavor, Glue Ball is for C4’s Canna-seurs and those wanting a strong indica. Fair warning, this strain hits hard on the onset and carries your worries away for quite sometime. Be sure to be prepared to be Glue Balled to your couch or bed…you’ve been warned. Great for pain, migraines, depression, and anxiety, Glue Ball from C4 is the perfect way to close out your day.

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About this brand

Logo for the brand C4 (Carroll County Cannabis Co.)
C4 (Carroll County Cannabis Co.)
Founded in 2020 on the principle of a slow grow, Carroll County Cannabis Company is creating the blueprint for a responsibly, ethically, and organically managed cannabis cultivation. The very first cultivator to break ground in Missouri, C4 was also the first cannabis cultivator in the state to be Clean Green® Certified. Operating out of a 70,000 square foot facility in Carrollton, Missouri, Carroll County Cannabis Company specializes in cultivating cleaner, more potent, and exclusive flower strains, and concentrates. Committed to a greener cultivation, C4 is reducing its carbon footprint by decreasing single use plastics in cultivation, implementing regenerative agriculture practices through composting, and using more energy efficient methods in growing and harvesting. From seed to sell, C4 is the higher standard, naturally.


  • MO, US: CUL000031
  • MO, US: MAN000081
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