TAG 9” Inline Perc Straight Tube Rig


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The Inline Perc Straight Tube from Thick Ass Glass is a work of art. This beautiful bong is made from high-quality borosilicate Schott Glass tubing and features a 9" inch tall, straight tube body with an inline percolator. The inline percolator provides excellent filtration and diffusion, while the quartz banger makes it easy to enjoy your favorite concentrates. Get the TAG Inline Perc Straight Tube for a water pipe that is dual compatible and can take care of all your smoking and dabbing needs.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
TAG Inline Perc Straight Tube
Schott Borosilicate Glass
Flared Base Bottom
Straight Tube Body
9.25” inches Tall
Inline Perc
TAG Decal
Easy to Clean
90° Joint Angle
4mm Thick Glass
Round Mouthpiece
14mm Female Joint
14mm Quartz Bucket
Thick Scientific Glass Rig

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