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Our signature line of THC sodas come in Cola, Mango-Pineapple, Raspberry, Lemonade, Orange Dream, Citrus, Purple Dream, and Sarsaparilla (Root Beer) flavors. ~New flavors coming in 2017!
These premium sodas are single use for optimum uptake.
Our sodas are 100mg of ACTIVE THC! This means your body is going to absorb as much THC as possible!

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About this brand

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Canna Elixirs
Canna Elixirs is a Denver based, Colorado proud premium medical edibles and infusions company bringing you great products like Canna Chews and our awesome line of sodas and punches. All of our products are Ph balanced and formulated with our patients in mind. All of our products have been formulated for optimum uptake so your body gets the maximum milligrams absorbed into your system.
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