City Trees 250mg 1:1 Blue Agave Tincture


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Some days need a more balanced approach. Try our agave nectar-based tinctures with equal parts CBD and THC, shown to help manage pain and stress. Make incorporating your preferred balance of cannabinoids into your routine as easy as sweetening your coffee.

Extracted from the blue agave plant, this low-glycemic sweetener has a honey-like consistency and is a great alternative to other sugars and sweeteners. Agave nectar is also water soluble, making agave-based tinctures easy to mix into food and drink.

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About this brand

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City Trees
The city brings us drive, innovation, and a will to keep pushing forward. The trees bring us connection, clarity, and a grounding that helps heal the world around us. We combine years of expertise in cannabis cultivation, extraction, and distribution to deliver the highest quality THC distillate products in Nevada. Using our proprietary extraction processes and relentless attention to detail we craft a variety of clean boutique cannabis products that deliver consistent results. Run that trail; find your zen; write that next track. Sustain Your State with City Trees.
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