Interstellar Elixir 1100mg - 30ml

HybridTHC 19%CBD —
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About this product

Our Chemical Free CBD in our trademarked Gold Dust Hemp Hash is the best way to get CBD in your body daily. The Interstellar Elixir 1100mg - 30ml will supply you with 30 days of pain relief, aggregated healing, and increased blood flow everyday, all day. Keep in mind, this 1000mg bottle is the equivalent of a much larger mg bottle of isolate or distillate.

About this strain

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About this brand

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Cosmic Cowboys Extractions LLC
Our Trademarked Gold Dust, Chemical Free CBD Hash, is made from all organic, non-pesticide Hemp to bring you a superior, all natural product for all of your loved ones, including all types of pets. The patented process uses 100% of the plant with no waste or heat so we do not have to activate the compounds until final product is being made, giving you a more effective product. These Total Spectrum consumables and topicals should be a daily part of your healthier life.
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