F.A.A.F.O. | 3.5g


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The more you f***k around, the more you find out! F.A.A.F.O. is a heavy hitting indica dominant strain with a lineage of Frosted Runtz crossed with Gelato 41. Thanks to the high amounts of caryophyllene, linalool, and nerolidol, F.A.A.F.O. has a spicy, floral and herby aroma and flavor profile. If you're looking for a stoney, couch-lock high, then F.A.A.F.O. is the strain for you. Additionally, this strain can help consumers who suffer with insomnia and chronic pain.
Total Terpenes: 1-2%
Sum of Cannabinoids: 37-42%
Total THC: 31-35%
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About this strain

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