1g FECO2 - High CBD (OGB x Sour Brulee)


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1g FECO2 - High CBD (OGB x Sour Brulee)

FECO2 (similar to RSO) is extracted with CO2 and ethanol and intended for oral consumption. We are able to extract the full spectrum of the bio-active compounds in cannabis while filtering out unwanted compounds like fats or chlorophyll. Due to this method our FECO2 tends to have a lighter color, higher potency of diverse cannabinoids and terpenoids, and a more palatable flavor.

We provide this product at a patient-friendly price to make this incredible oil accessible to everybody, especially those in need.

Cannabinoids 677.30 mg

CBD 615.60 mg
THC 46.70 mg
CBC 15 mg

Terpenes 1.45 %

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We utilize the selective properties of CO2 extraction to capture the cannabis plant’s natural terpenes & cannabinoid profile so that when you try our products they taste & feel like the strains they were extracted from.

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