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Gnome Grown Organics
Gnome Grown is an experienced team of passionate, talented cannabis growers. We share a love of land, ecology, and diversity. During the last 25 years we have developed a unique growing style that produces exceptionally healthy plants and remarkably resinous flowers, utilizing all natural and organic inputs. Our focus is on living soil, modeled closely on the processes we learn directly from nature.
We hold ourselves to the highest environmental standards, utilizing biodynamic principles and closed-loop systems, minimizing the carbon footprint of every plant that we grow. We strive to lead by example in the ever-expanding cannabis community, working to educate consumers and growers alike about the ecological benefits and superior quality potential of our sustainable grow model.

The secret to our Legendary Cultivation is our respect for the growing process as a perpetual cycle. We believe that the many symbiotic relationships within a healthy ecosystem create our renewed, naturally rich growing conditions.Our custom living soil recipe has been continually evolving through years of real world practice and experimentation. Our soil is forever improving with the passing of time, as every discarded part of the plant is returned to the soil for regeneration. Wildcrafting also serves as an integral piece of our regenerative mission.

We ferment and store all of our supplemental plant nutrients, which are directly sourced and gathered from our farm. With a little help from micro and macro biology, we are able to completely eliminate the need for bottled nutrients. This careful construction of our closed-loop system fuels the vigorous growth of our plants and forms one of the pillars of our “Legendary Cultivation” moniker.

Large or small, each and every plant is given individual, daily attention throughout its life cycle. Careful and constant observation is a major component to a plant’s healthy growth. In our commitment to deepen the level of individualized care, we avoid automation in exchange for the hand watering, sculpting, and inspecting of each plant based on its own unique needs. This keeps our team intimately connected with the garden as a whole and creates an endless stream of natural energy interchanging and strengthening the entire ecosystem. This time consuming and often costly process sets us far apart from the majority of automated, high-volume cannabis producers seen today, but in our opinion, it is only with such careful love and intent that superior, finished cannabis is grown.
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