'The Essentials Plus' Grow Kit | AC Infinity Tent & 4" Ventilation | 4' x 4'


About this product

Featuring the essentials kit without the light, soil, and nutrients for individuals who want to select their own light or use one they already have. This kit is jam packed with the essentials, a premium tent, best-in-class ventilation, circulation fan, beginner guide, environment monitor among more!

This Kit Includes:
4x 1-Gallon Fabric Pot w/Handles (1-Pack) Black 6H x 7D
1x 120V Single Outlet Mechanical Timer
5x 14" Clear Plastic Saucers - Each
1x 4 Inch Four-Layer Ducting - 8ft & 25ft Options / 8ft Ducting
4x 5-Gallon Fabric Pots w/Handles (1-Pack) Black 10H x 12D
1x 7 Steps To Grow : A Complete Beginner's Guide To Growing Indoors by Mr. Grow It
1x AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 844 Grow Tent | 4' x 4'
2x Air King 6 Inch 190 CFM 2-Speed Clip-On Fan
1x Cloudline T4 Inline Duct Fan w/ Temperature Amd Humidity Controller – 4 Inch
1x Duct Carbon Filter, Australian Charcoal, 4-Inch
1x Happy Hydro 60mm Teflon Trimming Scissors / Single
2x Ratcheting Light & Equipment Hangers - 1 Pair
1x SensorPush | Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor

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