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Recreational enthusiasts may find the soaring high provided by Banana Kush Autoflower worthy of being sought-after. Powered by an insanely high THC level that could reach 23%, a mind-clearing cerebral stimulation followed by profoundly relaxing body buzz characterizes its psychoactive traits - even in moderate dosage.

Its purpose, though, is not merely for recreation. Compared to typical high-THC strains, it has a better than average CBD level. As a result, its therapeutic benefits come with high efficacy.

This particular variety offered by Homegrown Cannabis Co. is also remarkable for another reason. Despite being an auto, its traits closely match the potency of the original photoperiod mother plant. Its genotype leans heavily on the Indica side as a result of the cross with an auto-flowering Indica strain of South Indian descent.

Regardless of purpose - recreational or medical use - it does not take long after germinating to reach harvest day. All it takes is only 8 to 9 weeks. The uplifting and calming Auto Banana Kush is small enough to fit most personal-sized grow boxes. It does require more attention compared to a typical photoperiod Kush strain due to susceptibility to molds. Mitigating such concern, however, is as simple as ensuring proper moisture levels.


Homegrown Cannabis Co. assures that the Banana Kush Auto seeds it has on sale came from a carefully selected mother plant - one that has undergone years of selective breeding and stabilized fully.

Germinating the seeds is straightforward using the wet paper towel method. Usually, the taproot appears after one day. Unlike photoperiods, it is best to place the seedlings in the final containers, approximately 8- to 10-liter pots.

The plant boasts of a compact structure and rarely exceeds 110cm. Although it thrives in all kinds of environment, Banana Kush Auto is more convenient to grow indoors. One reason is the susceptibility to moisture-related diseases such as molds. A controlled setting, in this regard, affords adjustments to temperature and humidity levels, thus significantly lowering the risk.

The Sea of Green brings out the best in this plant. In this setup, the strain is barely exposed to any high stress that may interfere with its growth. Instead, it maximizes light distribution and small spaces by coaxing a single upper cola over multiple plants in a designated area. At harvest, it usually produces at least 500 grams of buds per square meter.

Dry and sunny locations are most suitable for Banana Kush Auto. Under such optimal conditions, it is almost possible to grow the auto-flowering plant any time of the year. Growers in the northern hemisphere may find that cultivation works best during the beginning of April to October, just before winter. At least 120 to 200 grams of buds per plant is ready for harvest after 8-9 weeks from the time of germination.


Banana Kush Auto is a tropical-flavored strain with the distinct aroma of banana and an earthy odor. It is also pungent and requires the use of activated carbon odor filter when grown indoors.


Banana Kush Auto delivers gentle yet stimulating cerebral high. The euphoric rush refreshes the mind and creates new pathways for happy thoughts and sentiments. The upbeat demeanor persists until after some 20-40 minutes when the physical effects start to manifest.

The heavy-hitting body high melts away tension. In the process of soothing the muscles, a profound sense of relaxation takes over. Even as the mood further brightens, the intensity keeps rising. Heaviness weighs one down before drowsiness finally sets in, and drifting off to sleep.

Experienced or regular cannabis consumers can best use banana Kush Auto. Even in moderate dosage, its effects could be intense. Under normal circumstances, it induces common reactions such as cottonmouth and dry eyes, dizziness, and possibly headache too. At a higher dose, this hybrid has the potential to make some individuals feel anxious or paranoid.


Presumably, Banana Kush Auto is perceived as a recreational strain by most enthusiasts. However, its compounds offer significant relief against mental and physical afflictions. In addition to that, it has an above average CBD content.

It releases built-up tension all over the body, replacing it with a deep relaxation that kneads the muscles into tranquility. In doing so, it reduces fatigues, aches, and pains caused by disease or disorder as well as any pains and aches that afflict patients.

Stressed patients may also turn to Banana Kush Auto for relief. It has a calming euphoria that offers comfort against overwhelming dread or worries due to work or school-related problems. Long-sufferers of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues like PTSD benefit from its mood-enhancing qualities as well. It temporarily pushes back symptoms to improve users’ quality of life.

Sleep is an important facet in healing. It aids in the improved production of restorative hormones or processes. With its sedating properties, it leaves most consumers sleeping before the full-bodied effects even subside.


Banana Kush Auto uplifts spirits and soothes the body. More importantly for home growers, it has a rapid growth rate. Even with blazing speed, its yield and resin production remain significantly high. The time it takes to blossom from seeds fully is only 8 to 9 weeks. Homegrown Cannabis Co. provides these to growers all over the world. It is easy to cultivate in different mediums and growing environments. Moreover, it is also easy to maintain. Applying growing techniques complementary to its profile will lead to a bountiful yield.

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