Honey Pot - Honey 2 fl oz (50 mg THC)


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A mixture of California Wildflower Honey (local to specific regions), Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, and Cannabis Oil these ingredients offer countless benefits. Contains 5, 10 mg (2.5 tspn) doses in 2 fl oz. This pocket sized honey is a great travel companion, toss it in your bag for on the go sweetness!!

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About this brand

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Honey Pot
Natural ingredients and sweet relief

Honey Pot is proud to offer great-tasting and easy ways to consume cannabis. Our goal is to provide remedies from natural resources to help patients get through their days in comfort and wellness. Honey Pot offers cannabis paired with other natural ingredients to maximize the benefits while eliciting a sweet and delectable flavor. Californians can stir a little sunshine into their life, with Honey Pot cannabis-infused wildflower honey.


Cannabis products by cannabis people, Honey Pot brings natural relief from our family to yours. For thousands of years, honey has been used medicinally for its anti-bacterial properties and high levels of antioxidants. Sourced from local California apiaries (honey farms), the bees collect their nectar from wildflowers. Combined with cannabis the two come together to create powerful and delicious cannabis honey.


Honey Pot not only offers our infused Honey Pot but we also craft cannabis-infused topicals and teas. Honey Pot's original THC infused honey is available in a 4 fl oz bottle. Honey Pot has created a CBD line of Honey Pot for patients in need of cannabis without any psychoactive effects. Honey Pot's topicals are made with natural ingredients to make your bare skin feel great while providing relieving cannabis. The Topical Balm is available in two ratios and two sizes and has won multiple best topical in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Other Cannabis Cup winners are the infused Body Lotion, a cannabis lotion containing lavender, wildflower honey, aloe vera, and a host of other beneficial essential oils. Honey Pot's mission is to provide widespread relief and are committed to creating products that meet the needs of everyone in the cannabis community.


Honey Pot has been involved in multiple areas of the cannabis industry and is eager to continue collaborating with other cannabis enthusiasts. Honey Pot has won 14 Cannabis Cups and featured on Viceland’s Bong Appetit, Newsweek, Netflix's Disjointed, and many more. Honey Pot offers its cannabis-infused line of products for Adults over 21 in California.
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