Grandi Guava 28G Intros Flower


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Strain Description:

This hybrid is a Grandiflora combination of Guava and Gelato. Grandi Guava creates an uplifted feeling, and is ideal for easing social anxiety and relaxing at the end of the day before going to sleep.

This strain tantalizes your senses with its exquisite flavor. The aroma can be described as a classic combination of fruit and cheese. The taste starts off sweet, with tropical guava taking center stage. Its unmistakable scent carries a bit of a kick from the tartness of guava, along with a sweet, creaminess from the Gelato notes. When exhaled, you get a soft sweetness reminiscent of blue cheese, which then combines perfectly with the bold fruity notes to provide a perfectly balanced taste.

Grandi Guava has both uplifting and relaxing properties. Its stimulating properties ease stress and social anxiety, making it the perfect way to enjoy the night. And when it’s time to sleep, the strain’s calming and tranquil effects ease your mind, allowing you to get a restful night of sleep. Whether it’s enjoyed during the day or night, Grandi Guava’s hybrid properties offer an invigorating and pleasant experience.

The Grandi Guava buds are a thing of beauty, each one adorned in glittering trichomes like thousands of tiny stars sprinkled onto a midnight sky. The outer surface of the buds are deep purple with vibrant green flecks peeking through, captivating the eye and inviting you to explore the magical world within.

Strain Type: Hybrid

Lineage: Guava x Gelato

Breeder: Grandiflora

Primary Terpene Profile: b-caryophyllene, limonene, beta-myrcene

Top Reported Strain Effects: uplifted

Top Report Strain Flavors: fruity, blue cheese

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  • MO, US: CUL000019
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