inheal Δ8 Cereal Milk Live Resin Disposable

HybridTHC 18%CBD —
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About this product

Designed in pristine pure matte white, Inheal disposables deliver relaxation and comfort and are easily re-chargeable to be enjoyed again and again.
Our best-seller.

Inheal disposables come in a delicious variety of exotic flavors including Cheetah Piss, Sunset Mintz, Gummies, and many more.

We source them from some of the best hardware manufacturers in the world, with ceramic cores and extreme longevity to ensure a long-lasting experience. The live resin concentrate within is sourced from the most unique strains and manufacturing is limited to small specialized batches.

About this strain

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About this brand

Inheal develops and manufactures products from various novel cannabinoids. We see the future of the industry to include wider specter of compounds, not only Δ9 THC, but other cannabinoids.

Being able to customize and elevate experience is what drives us. Besides classical weed experience, much more is possible.

How about slight mood elevation or maybe deep trance or maybe you’re in a mood for hallucinations ?
Yep, that’s what we do.

Your experience is the foundation of our work.
At the end of the day, we all use cannabis to ease our days, celebrate, socialize, and just have fun.

Let’s have joy together.
And remember: Hemp is the new cannabis!
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