Legacy Loco | White Truffle | Hash & THCa Isolate Infused | Hybrid 3.5g


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Premium Flower Coated With Bubble Hash & THCa Isolate Diamond Dust

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Legacy Organics
The Biosphere is a hybrid indoor/greenhouse structure that recreates a natural environment guided by science. Providing our cannabis plants with the perfect combination of a living ecosystem within a controlled environment, which allows each cannabis plant to reach their full potential, thus developing a complex cannabinoid and terpene profile. Each Biosphere is a fully contained positive pressure environment with full spectrum lighting, living soil and biological pest control.

------Now What Is The Benefit and Why Should You Care?

The Biospheres positive pressure environment forms an air barrier which inhibits the entrance of unwanted insects; this in conjunction with a biological pest control program makes sure that we do not have the need to spray inorganic insecticides on our boutique flower. #savethebees.
Our use of energy efficient full spectrum lighting allows each plant to grow at its maximum potential during all stages of growth. This not only makes happy and healthy cannabis plants, it also maximizes the plants ability to sequester carbon out of the atmosphere thus reducing our carbon footprint.
We start off with locally sourced all natural organic super soils from the Pacific Northwest. We then inoculate the soil by watering the actively aerated compost teas full of beneficial bacteria and fungi. This eliminates the need to fertilize with synthetic salt nutrients that can affect the taste of the cannabis flower.

-------Why Grow In Living Soil?

The most perfect looking grapes in the world, grown hydroponically are never used for wine production. Why are none of the top wines in the world produced using hydroponically grown grapes? The reason is simple, fine cannabis like fine wines need the taste of the earth, of the terroir.
One of the ways the cannabis plant communicates is by using chemical expressions in terms of "terpenes and cannabinoids'. By using living-soil full of microorganisms and microarthropods "little good guys" we are able to activate the plants natural defense mechanisms. These mechanisms are bad for pests, but great for a more complex taste, terpene and cannabinoid profile.

Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored and controlled to sustain the perfect grow environment for the highest possible quality cannabis.

We are proud to be a Cookies grower partner, bringing the best mixed light Cookies flower possible to the state of Washington.


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