Sour Runtz - 0.5g Infused Pre Roll Multipack (5) - Hybrid

HybridTHC —CBD —
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About this product

• Boutique Indoor Flower
• Strain Specific Diamonds
• Extremely Flavorful

Nameless Genetics Sour Runtz flower infused with Sour Runtz live resin. These prerolls deliver a tantalizing flavor profile of sweet and sour candy, with fruity undertones and a touch of diesel. The infusion with Sour Runtz live resin enhances the experience, providing a balanced, euphoric high that combines cerebral stimulation with full-body relaxation. Dominant terpenes include limonene, which adds a refreshing citrus aroma, myrcene, known for its calming effects, and caryophyllene, contributing a subtle spiciness. Perfect for social gatherings or a peaceful evening, these prerolls offer a delightful and potent cannabis experience.

About this strain

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About this brand

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Infused Rolling Paper, Boutique Indoor Flower, custom glass tips, and years of consistent precision craftsmanship make Lift Tickets one of California’s highest quality cannabis brands.


  • CA, US: C11-0001429-LIC
  • CA, US: CCL20-0000106
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