LOKAHI LEAF-OOWEE GOOEY Delta 8 Gummiez 25 mg


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Premium Grade DELTA 8 Gummiez- 25 mg per gummy 30ct.
Lokahi Leaf has always been focused on promoting a stress-free, healthy lifestyle by using natural ingredients like delta-8 THC. We believe in quality and in order to maintain the quality and efficiency of their products we focus on standards in processes, ingredients and and manufacturing. We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality delta-8 gummies.

D-8 Gummies of the Highest Quality
Help Relieve Discomfort
Improve Mood
Combats Anxious Feelings & Stress
& so much more....
Lokahi Leaf's organic delta-8 THC gummies provide a pleasant experience and excellent effects, which make clients very satisfied.

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About this brand

Logo for the brand Lokahi Leaf CBD Health & Wellness
Lokahi Leaf CBD Health & Wellness
We built our company out of the desire to provide natural products, healing and healthy options for our child with Cerebral Palsy. We searched for options over a decade and found CBD changed not only her life but ours. It fulfilled our own health and healing needs as former athletes. We wanted to share our passion, journey and products with the world. 
Lokahi is to have the state of being on “one accord,” in traditional Hawaiian healing, The Lokahi Triangle is about achieving balance in three areas: mental physical and spiritual. Lokahi also means living in harmony with the world around us. The concept of Lokahi Leaf is to provide quality, healthy products and still keep it savage and fun. When you feel good you enjoy life, and become a bit adventurous. Some may even say......wild. Tomorrow is not promised so live well and love yourself.  Our product line is diverse and provides a wide variety to choose from for every family member. 
Wellness, Relief, Skincare, Tinctures, Bath & Body, Men's Care, Pet Care, Edibles and so much more.... Discover the mysteries of our planet; heal with CBD and Lokahi Leaf. 
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