Lush Valley CBD Lavender Body Butter 700 mg 8 oz.


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**AVAILABLE IN SEPTEMBER!** This lushest-of-all CBD butter will soothe your limbs, joints and muscles wherever you need it the most. Apply the butter sparingly – a little goes a long way. Next, allow several minutes for the butter to absorb into your skin. You’ll notice the essence evokes images of endless lavender fields on a warm summer day! After using Lush Valley CBD Body Butter, your skin will feel luxuriously soft and touchable.

Store with the lid tightly closed and keep the butter at room temperature. BUY NOW AND GET THREE FREE KN95 MASKS AND A 2 OZ. HAND SANITIZER WITH EVERY ORDER!


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Lush Valley CBD
Awaken Your Healer Within

You have a unique outlook on life. Testing boundaries doesn’t scare you, nor does thinking for yourself. You strive to practice self-awareness and mindfulness, but even the most centered of souls experience anxiety, insomnia and physical pain. Canabbidiol (CBD) is one of the most abundant components of the cannabis plant, with properties that can help promote calmness, boost clarity and soothe anxiety. Turn your focus inward, manifesting the best version of yourself to release your natural potential. Let Lush Valley CBD help you enhance your health and achieve a better sense of well being.

We’re very particular in the varietals that we choose for extraction, and continue to refine our genetic selection to give us desirable cannabinoid structure, taste, and smell. Our products start with a tedious process of growing several varieties of hemp, then breeding and selecting the best ones. We also use CO2 extraction which leaves the oil in a more natural form and allows the terpenes (taste) to stay intact.
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