10mg THCV Gummies | 10 Pack

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When creativity, focus, and uplifting energy are the day's focal points, Simply Crafted THCV Gummies are reporting in for duty.

Our THCV Gummies are the pick-me-up you’ve been searching for, from its passion fruit flavor to stimulating effects. Loaded with 100mg of THCV per jar and organic ingredients, these THCV Gummies are the perfect way to get your day started.

Simply Crafted THCV Gummies are vegan-friendly, making them even more accessible and environmentally friendly. Grab a jar of THCV Gummies today if you’re ready to stimulate your mind and body for the long day ahead.

Vegan Safe
No artificial colors or ingredients

Each bag contains 10 gummies with 10mg of THCV per gummy

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About this brand

Logo for the brand Luxe THC | 25% OFF with code LEAFLY
Luxe THC | 25% OFF with code LEAFLY
Luxe is a purveyor of the most refined hemp-derived THC and rare cannabinoid products.

From Delta-8 THC vape cartridges to THC-O edibles and everything in between, you’ll find everything you need on our online menu. It isn’t just the sheer selection that separates us from the competition — our commitment to our customers defines who we are as a brand.

From lab-tested products to rigorous compliance, our clients enjoy reliable hemp-derived products that never miss the mark.

Regarding hemp-derived products, Luxe searched high and low to ensure a selection of items that are out of this world.

Delta-8 THC
Delta-9 THC
Delta-10 THC

Each type of cannabinoid can be found in multiple products for your enjoyment, such as:

Vape Cartridges and Vape Pens

Whether you’re a vape enthusiast or extract connoisseur, Luxe provides a wide range of products at your fingertips.

You're in luck if you’ve been searching for affordable hemp-derived products such as D8 or D10 THC products.

At Luxe, it’s our business to ensure customers find prices they can afford. Hemp is an extraordinary plant; with this in mind, we’re passing ample savings on to our clients.

Hemp-Derived Products You Can Trust

We understand that not all hemp-derived products are created equal.
That’s why we offer consistent lab reports for maximum transparency. By seeing what’s inside our hemp-derived products, you can rest assured that you’re receiving nothing but hemp-derived THC and rare cannabinoids.

When you see our brand’s name on the packaging of a D8 vape cartridge — you know exactly what you’re getting.

Legal and Potent Hemp-Derived THC Products

At Luxe, we aim to provide potent yet legal hemp-derived THC, such as Delta-8.
We test each product to ensure the THC limit never exceeds 0.3%. By remaining compliant, we can better serve our clients who shop online.

Each Hemp-derived product is filled with the cannabinoids that you seek. Whether it’s HHC or Delta-10 THC — you’ll experience a wide range of uplifting effects while leaving legal worries in the dust.

Ordering Made Simple
Ordering hemp-derived THC and rare cannabinoids have never been this easy.
You’ll find your package filled with hemp-derived products in no time, from nationwide shipping to ultra-fast delivery times. Whether you require discrete packaging or a one-click checkout process — Luxe has you covered.
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