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Aloha! This is the leafly page for Mold Resistant Strains specializes in rare, hard-to-find sativa strains that me, the author Jaymrs, personally obtained from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hawaii. On the website you'll see a collection of marijuana strain reviews, cool stoner gear, weed growing advice, and other original cannabis related information. Most of the stuff is written by me, based off or directly from the preachings of old-school Hawaii guerrilla growers. The reason for the 'Mold Resistant Strains' name comes from the worst problem any cannabis cultivator has faced - botyrits mold. This fuzzy fungi goes by many names such as bud rot, bud mold, blue mold, grey mold, and we all fear what it does: destroy flowering cannabis buds. If you've ever grown OG Kush or White Widow seeds outdoors in a rainy, wet climate you know the struggle once it hits big bud time. All too often the first signs of mold infection lead to a immediate plant harvest. Very stressful. I also feel for you readers who have lost large quantities of herb due to moldy buds. I've lost pounds of the dank top-shelf chronic myself, and I know how crazy it can make you feel. Also, we all know the cousin of botrytis mold - powdery mildew. Getting your precious bud plant covered in white mildew is not fun! So, what's the solution to these moldy nightmares? Take a look at tropical and sub-tropical countries around the world, and many of the marijuana growers are cultivating cannabis without mold ever becoming an issue. How's that work? Genetics, along with proper plant maintenance, goes a long way in preventing botrytis mold or white powerdery mildew from growing on plants. Cannabis varieties that have been exposed to high humidity, dank environments tend to adapt over time, thus becoming a 'mold resistant strain'. In the case of the countries I've been to, the most mold resistant strains are all sativa dominant. But that doesn't mean indica dominant strains can't be mold resistant as well! I breed these strains with my regular seed collection in Hawaii. I use both popular and exclusive varieties. Popular Indica strains like Grand Daddy Purple, Dark Star, Afghani, and Brazilian Indica are crossbred with my special sativa strains from South East Asia. I always select the highest yielding, best tasting, most stoney and most weather resilient plants as parents for the next seed generation. I moved to the Hawaii when I was 18 years old. Straight out of high school. Back then I was a bum, but my interests succeeded in creating a home for myself where I can legally grow my medical marijuana plants. Through some strange fate I found myself in a community of old school guerrilla growers who treat the weed growing life like the hard outlaws they are. is my project to offer unique mold resistant cannabis seed varieties, bred in Hawaii. Contact me at New stuff of the MRS weed blog -bud trimmers -best fertilizer for big buds -feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds -high yield strains -weather resilient strains -bubble bags for hash -powdery mildew cures -best sativa strains for outdoors -best indica strains for outdoors -scales for weed and cool grinders -stash jars and cannabis storage

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