Grape Fog 1.2g Red Pressed Hash (Whitethorn Valley Farm)


About this product

THC: 695 mg
LINEAGE: Tuscan Dream x Blue Ether
TASTE: Grape, Candy, Fruity
FEELING: Relaxed, Calm, Sleepy
FARM: Whitethorn Valley Farm
CULTIVATION STYLE: Outdoor, Sungrown

Cultivated by Whitethorn Valley Farm is a family-owned and operated regenerative farm that follows a holistic land management philosophy, incorporating permaculture and regenerative practices to restore and steward the section of earth called home.

Grape Fog, an indica-dominant strain deriving from Tuscan Dream and Blue Ether, boasts a delightful flavor profile of grapes, candy, and berries,complimented by a sweet, enticing aroma. This strain is perfect for relaxation, as it induces a clam, relaxed, sleepy state, making ideal for unwinding after a lonh day or preparing for a restful night's sleep. Its soothing effects make it a favorite forthose seeking tranquility and peace. Grape fog is a myrcene and caryophyllene forward strain.

Nasha’s Red Label Hash is a 1.2g hand-rolled sphere of pressed hash that has a high ratio of oil to plant material, yielding a smooth, full-bodied smoke. Depending on the cultivar, it can either be sticky or crumbly. Commonly used to top bowls or added to joints for an added kick to your regular routine.

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About this brand

नशा {nasha} = The state of transformed consciousness;
exhilaration or excitement of the mind(Noun)

NASHA is a word used in India to describe a “high”. Our brand has a deep connection to India and its hash producing history. Our founder spent numerous years in India living at the foothills of the Himalayas studying the origins of Hashish and the culture that surrounds it. After living in both India and California NASHA was finally born in the beautiful mountains of Humboldt County. We use pure mountain water to gently extract intact trichomes from the highest quality of raw materials. We use traditional techniques, mixed with state of the art machinery to produce high potency and terpene rich extracts, without the use of chemicals. All of the products are Lab tested to ensure purity, cleanliness, and potency. We invite you to try the next generation of cold water extract.
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  • CA, US: CDPH-10004342
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