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HYBRID | THC: 69.40% / TERPS: 5.47%

Grown By: Pioneer

Step into the world of luxury with our Platinum extracts. Each product in this premium line is a celebration of the finest cannabis artistry, crafted from our top-grade flowers. Experience an array of exquisite textures, from the velvety smoothness of jam to the crisp clarity of shatter.

Our Platinum extracts are for those who seek the pinnacle of cannabis indulgence, offering a rich, potent, and flavor-packed experience. Perfect for discerning enthusiasts, these extracts embody the height of quality and sophistication in every dab.

Shatter is known for its glass-like, brittle texture and clear appearance, offering a pure and potent experience with a clean break every time.

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About this brand

We know and love all the KIND aspects of the Northwest life, including cannabis flower and extracts. For the discerning user, our strains and extracts are for you.

NW KIND is a collective of small, craft growers specializing in exceptional marijuana production and processing including flowers, extracts and apparel. Our label is only found on the finest, hand-selected end product grown and produced by a few choice gardens in the Northwest. Our small-batch, hands-on production model ensures a grower-plant relationship that, in the end, cultivates a superior product.

We know our strains and nurture each plant through every step of the life-cycle, from seed to flower. No giant warehouses. No corporate sponsors. NW KIND is just a few fun-loving folks with a multitude of backgrounds and the knack to grow some of the Northwest’s KINDEST cannabis.


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