Lifter Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture (ENERGY)


About this product

With this strain, users can anticipate a pleasant cerebral focus and amiable energy. This strain can also mitigate the effects of various conditions, such as arthritis, inflammation, migraines, muscle spasms, epileptic issues, stomach issues, hunger, and sleep problems.

For some cases, the Hemp Flower Lifter may also help in managing anxiety and depression because of its relatively high CBD content that can elevate one’s disposition.

The essential thing about the Hemp Flower Lifter is the CBD and THC ratio. With its significantly high CBD content, it is surprising that it only has 0.3% THC content. No wonder why it is a great companion for treating various conditions without making you feel high.

Ultimately, the Hemp Flower Lifter makes you feel relaxed and elevated at the same time without any THC-related side effects, except that you may have a dry mouth and red eyes after use, which are both typical CBD side effects.

It is packed with uplifting terpenes and has an extremely well-rounded terpene profile. You can easily spend some time letting the flavors grow on your as you try to detect main and secondary notes on your in and exhales.

Dominant terpenes:


According to several users, the Hemp Flower Lifter is by far the best they have tried. Thanks to its high CBD content, that makes it ultimately beneficial without feeling psychedelic.

Other users also mentioned that they had reached a state of warm and calming euphoria. Indeed, it is a fantastic strain for both day and night, whether you are from work or you need to sniff just before bedtime.

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