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Gas, diesel, fuel. These three words cannot begin to capture the pure unadulterated funk. The grease monkey’s dream, Sour Chem is a descendent of three separate Chem strains. It bursts forth with a vengeance in fluffier buds than you’d expect, each pistil unfurling at the opportunity to gobsmack you with its freaky-reeky odor. Sure I could tell you, but give it a sniff and you’ll understand. Nevermind the haters, Sour Chem is a diesel delicacy from the first toke to the last.

About this strain

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About this brand

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Pioneer Nuggets
Founded in December 2013, Pioneer Nuggets is a first of its kind Washington State licensed manufacturer of cannabis products. Located in Arlington, Washington, where the pioneer trail ends... but the pioneer spirit has never left. Pioneer Nuggets is dedicated to one mission - We devote our lives to produce the highest-quality cannabis for the world. Our internal passion drives our love for our plants, our people and our community. Each member of our team wakes up, slays the day, falls asleep and dreams about cannabis. Our dedication to our profession comes easy. It's the 100% hand crafted all-natural methodology we use that invokes our endless commitment.
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