Milk Chocolate & Espresso Mini Chocolate Bars, 100mg pack


About this product

These little bars pack a high dose of THC for those seeking stronger effects at a lower price point. Each mini chocolate bar contains 25mg THC and break into 5 pieces containing 5mg THC each.

Our mini espresso chocolate bars are low-calorie and effective. Made with creamy & ethically sourced 36% Swiss milk chocolate and infused with premium Italian espresso, your taste bud's satisfaction is guaranteed.

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About this brand

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Rosie's Confections
Explore Vermont's most unique selection of edibles and cannabis products by Rosie's chocolatier, Emma Rose. Rosie's is a trusted brand that offers clean and high-quality edibles, always fresh and free from preservatives and chemicals. Their innovative edibles such as chocolate covered caramels and chocolate bonbons are a new and novel concept in the world of recreational cannabis.

One of Rosie's many missions, is to elevate the women in cannabis. Learn about the wonderful women cultivators in the Vermont cannabis industry, highlighted in their new 'lipstick' vape project, Rebellious Rose.

Rosie's is also known for throwing industry parties, most famously the Roaring 420's, a roaring 20's theme celebration hosted at Hula Center on the Burlington Waterfront. Bringing the community together to celebrate the cannabis revolution is at the heart of Rosie's mission.
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