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About THCheese

Dear Cannabis and Food Lovers, It has been our absolute pleasure to make delicious treats and serve a small section of our community over the past year. Getting to know all of you has been a true gift, and your kindness, aid, and advice are a continual source of inspiration for us. We are continually delighted by the innovation we see in this industry and look forward to working hard to help people continue to express the amazing art of cannabis cuisine. And so, it is with heavy hearts that we announce that for the time being, THCheese will not be accepting any more private commissions. We have always operated in a grey area, and now that some of the proposed regulations have shown us the reality of how long it will take to fully realize our dream we have decided to walk another path at this time. We will keep the THCheese name and You will still see us. You will see us trying our best to convince state and federal regulators that cannabis consumers, whether recreational or medicinal users, are bright and resilient people that deserve to utilize this incredibly versatile plant in artistic ways. You will see us applaud and support new regulations that protect consumers and create a healthy and wholesome marketplace. You will see us advocate for cannabis remaining in the hands of the people that created the industry under so much turmoil and hardship. You will see us find ways of creating new products that we will bring to whatever the marketplace looks like after final regulations are released. You will still see us. It is important that with the coming regulations that you as a consumer stay vigilant. The proposed regulations, while necessary, are in danger of overreach. We believe California is home to the best food and the best cannabis in the world, and we can’t wait for the day that we can express both of those passions as conscientious producers. Before we say goodbye though we would like to take a moment for you to imagine the following: Alicia has been off of government farm subsidies for 5 years. She has finally begun growing olives again as her grandfather did and has been elated as her first 15 Alpine goats make themselves familiar with their new home. When she first started diversifying her farm by growing cannabis she was a bit nervous but the rewards have definitely been worth it. Being the largest cash crop available it was not long before she started being able to finally stop growing in ways that were harmful to the land and begin cultivating the food that she truly had a passion for. She takes the plant waste from the olives and the sativa strain grows and incorporates it into the goats feed; she takes the manure from the goats and uses it to fertilize her crops. It is a beautiful closed loop farming system that helps keep the land healthy, produce new jobs for the agriculture business, and produce amazing food and cannabis. She has considered opening a restaurant with an outdoor area for cannabis connoisseurs as canna-tourism begins to be a real factor in her business. We dream of a day where this short story is a reality. We hope you can dream with us. Your Friends and Constant Admirers, Matt, Juliana, and Trevor